Resident evil Hecatomb Picture

Hecatomb! In greek mythology it was a sacrifice to the gods of 100 cattle (Hecaton=hundred).

It absorbs humans,animals and viruses.

The purpose for the creation of the Hecatomb was to force it to create a virus that is immune to all other viruses and has the various benefits of the viruses.

Hecatomb absorbs all life it sees and when it encounters a new virus it adapts and evolves to resist it's effects and also integrate anything that might stengthen it.
It can extend it's mass in the form of tentacles to pull you in.

However, Hecatomb grew stronger than they anticipated and broke free. They where only planning to give it pure strains of viruses, viral infected beings and various las plagas, then extract the new virus(H-virus) and terminate the beast.
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