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So that ends the prologue. All I can say is...FINALLY! >.> Pages will probably take longer to make here on out because more colors + backgrounds = more time. (Although on the plus side there would be dialogue, which isn't as hard as what I got going here).

Okay... Anyway, thank you all for reading the comic so far! I know the prologue had a lot of "What the heck is going on?" moments, but I can assure you, all of that was intentional.
The prologue is just a piece of the mythology of the world of Nalisa. And because the texts of these stories are vague, many people had different ideas as to what it means, thus a lot of different religious sects. >.> I'll describe more about this when the actual story starts.
Once again, thank you for reading so far! :3

Note: If any sentence structures, grammar or spelling is bugging you, don't be afraid to say so! Tell me so I can fix it. :3

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