Amaru Picture

Did you know there is somekind of Dragon llama? no? this is a legend of my land. A inca/quechua story. The Amaru.

PSCS/Bamboo/6hours/Music: Inti Raymi - Chano Diaz lImaco



Amaru (Serpent in Quechua) is part of the of Inca mythology and very important in Andean cosmology, has been around since early the creation of the world, one of the first female beings. Its symbolism is wide: water, lightning, strength, continuity, Milky Way, totality. It is an animal that crosses worlds that emerges powerfully, from the Mountains to the sea. I s the representation of the flood and the rivers traveling in way to the sea when the big rains falls. Destroyer and bringer of life.

Is usually represented as a monster-headed llama, with two wings and body of a snake that ended in a large tail of a serpent. Difficulties in moving around the earth for their enormous weight, thats why travel along the rivers and lakes of Los Andes.
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