63. Shiva Picture

Shiva: Hindu God of Destruction/Recreation

100 Gods/Goddesses Challenge

Two in one day I'm on a roll here.

What to say about Shiva...
He's a very cool deity for this reason: He embodies the sort of duality and contradiction that mythology itself serves to bring closer together. I love stuff like that. He straddles this area between death and (re)birth, asceticism and sensuality, male and female, etc.

His cosmic role in the universe is to destroy and recreate the world, so he's very much connected with creation as much as he is destruction, He's often showed depicted as dancing on the representation of ignorance and wearing or sitting on symbols of things that are totally under his control (the tiger he's often depicted wearing or sitting on seems to represent different things depending on who you ask- lust or knowledge or something for example.)

Because he's in such a 'between' state he's often depicted meditating with eyes half closed... if he ever completely opened his third eye, BOOF there goes the universe. XD So I just drew him being all chill and stuff.
...I tend to use the word chill a lot. I must be something of a chill person myself. Or I'm a nervous wreck and I desperately want to be chill so I draw people being chill a lot and admire chill characters I'm going to stop talking and go to sleep. -w-.
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