Manaiakalani Picture

At first, I was going to call this "Birth of Hawai'i," (see? It's a volcano erupting at sea while two albatrosses look on) but I decided it would be cooler if I found an actual name or something from Hawai'ian mythology. So, here is one Hawai'ian creation myth. It's according to Wikipedia, so take it with a grain of salt.

"The great fish-hook of Maui is called Manaiakalani; and it is baited with the wing of Hina's pet bird, the 'alae. Maui is said to have created the Hawaiian Islands by tricking his brothers. He convinces them to take him out fishing, but catches his hook upon the ocean floor. He tells his brothers that he has caught a big fish, and tells them to paddle as hard as they can. His brothers paddle with all their might, and being intent with their effort, did not notice the Island rising behind them. Maui repeats this trick several times, creating the Hawaiian Islands."

Hence the name!
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