Xquic La Nina Picture

Just a dark conceptual piece crossing the Mary Magdeline mystique with Mayan mythology....

What inspired it? Well what if the remains of the proverbial bride of Christ are not in Europe hid like most believe... another conspiracy theory to ponder. Colombus made several voyages to the New World..his ships were small in size...not the size of typical ships used for great exhibitions over open sea.

His ships were Santa Maria hmmm, Nina which her original name was Santa Clara (St. Claire), and the Pinta...or Painted One which whom's original name is unknown...
An irony that this great voyage took place only two decades after the Spanish Inquisition began.

The Inquisition though widely known for it's witch and heretic burnings was at first established as a Holy Order much lke the Templars to control the heretic uprisings in Southern France....hmmm wasn't the holy bloodline supposedly founded there?

You see where I'm heading with this I'm sure, but you ask why blend it with Mayan Mythology? Well the Mayans were the most advanced civilization of The New World until Spain conquered them. They have a culture rich in mythology where they too honor the blood. Thier beliefs also contained passages using a tree to signify life...and this was before European and Asian influence. They believed in prophecy as thier calendar is something marveled even this day....

What if the voyage to prove the world round was a ploy to secretly hide a precious artifact per se..and another thing to ponder?..later explorers went in search for the Fountain of Youth..known as "Aqua De Vida" which proper is Water Of Life..blood? The Holy Grail and Fountain of Youth are in fact one and the same? Who knows?

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