Spider Grandmother's Map Picture

I am back!
& with a rare piece of uni work that I don't think totally sucks!

This was for a project on maps where I had to map a mythology. I chose to look at Native American myths that include the spider in various versions of the creation myth. Known as Spider Woman, Spider Goddess or Spider Grandmother, the feminine spider deity is tied to the Earth & created the world with the Sun God.
In one myth [link] Spider Grandmother & the Sun God create the world in stages; the sky, then the earth, the plants, beasts & finally humans, with four women & four men. I represented these in separate circles, I sort of hoped to give a feel of categories to show the order they were created, but also of oneness.
I also quite like the idea of the Web of Life, where we are all tied to everything in the world by strands of web, & tried to get that across in a sort of subtle way in this with the spokes on the circle. The layout of the piece was inspired by zodiac maps.

Yeah. I like spiders a lot, & am quite happy to find some cultures that look more kindly on the lil guys than mine does ;D

I'd be really interested in hearing people's thoughts on this, I employed some different techniques & tried harder than I usually do
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