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This image is the cover artwork for ‘Twisted Threads’, a fantasy novel by Ryan Kinsch. The book features both darkness and light, wolves, dreams, spirits, trees and various other spiritual and medieval fantasy elements.

For the design of the cover I needed to capture a balance; fantasy that would suit both young and adult readers. I wished to paint the magic of fantasy whilst avoiding cliché and instead present something contemporary.

The lower half is designed to be simpler as this is where the book title and author line will be placed.

My sincerest thanks to `Astralseed for suggesting this as a DD and to ^wdwparksgal for featuring it. Also, thanks to everyone who has commented. I am very flattered! I appreciate the support from all who fav and comment! Thank go check out the book!

Buy The Book: [link]

You can watch the creation of this artwork via my YouTube Channel. [link]

Buy A Print: I will be sorting out some limited edition signed prints very soon. Please let me know if you're interested via a comment or note, to give me an idea of numbers. Thank you!

Copyright © Mike Nash


Many thanks to everyone who notified me in regards to the art theft. I truly appreciate you for taking those extra few minutes to tell me. It's very flattering to know how many of you are looking out for me!

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