Hel Picture

Upon the death of Odins son Baldr, Hermóðr the brave mounted Sleipnir and charged down the road to helheim.
"Ride downwards and northwards until you reach the gates of hel" said Móðguðr, "for Baldr has aldready crossed the shining bridge"...


Hel - ruler of helheim, is the offspring of Loki and the jötun Angerboda along with the midgård serpent and the Fenris wolf.
Hel is discribed as having one human side and one decayed side.

Shortly after her birth, she was given the task to govern the realm of the dead, "helheim".
Everyone that did not die a glorious death in battle would some day end up in this dark and icy realm.

This drawing shows Hermóðr as he rides to face Hel and beg for the freedom of his brother, Baldr. Again this is my own interpretation and probably not mythologically correct.


090502 - This new version features a series of changes including some shading issues and hair detail.
I have also uploaded the full size image, avalible on on the "download" button. If you have time, check it out
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