Alunia Cieores Picture

The Gods and Goddesses of the world Alunia Cieores (my world I made up for my stories => most notably, The Rebel Prince) I am working on a little website that will include all the information about the religion and the deities in the world! So stay tuned for that ! ~ >=]

The foreground characters: Cieoren (female/Goddess of Creation) and Alunien (male/God of destruction)
The sideway characters: Orpheus (male/God of Serethe) and Pathea (female/Goddess of Phetos)
The background characters: Sarena (Blue/Goddess of Certhas) and Lymelle (green/Goddess of Lymeth)

Alunia Cieores (c) *Chikukko
Program used: Paint Tool Sai.
Time Taken: AGES. I lost track of time lol.
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