Fenrir's Creation Picture

This pic will soon be mentioned in one of my stories. I will not say the title of the story until I'm the part were the protagonist became a Lycan.

The reason I named this "Fenrir's Creation" is that when the protagonist attempts to save a divine being from Fenrir's wrath, Fenrir grabs the protagonist in his huge jaws and crush his feeble human flesh. In his "death", he was resurrected due to Fenrir's Virus which turns any person who was wounded by Fenrir into a 1st Generation Lycan. A 1st generation Lycan is more superior than any Lycans around, due to his/her level of power. A 1st Generation Lycan has almost the same formidable powers as Fenrir, but not entirely. There are some cons to being a 1st Generation, which I will mention in my story.
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