Vertica Picture

And thus...

Caudally swiping through the gloom of the depth,
Right after the time starts to count itself,
The original dragon moves gently and swiftly,
Giving rise to spectrum of colors around it,
Spreading to the farthest possible extext,
Rejoicing the entire ocean with life.

By the time it has all been done,
Returning to the deepest trench of the ocean,
The primordial dragon retreats satisfied,
Back to the darkness it originally belongs to,
Silently observing the colors it painted,
Floating in the water above its head.

Should there be blood across the ocean,
Before turmoil starts to begin,
The creator dragon shall rise back up,
Whipping up whirlpool to the world above
Pulling everything back to annihilation,
Before it proceeds to start the ocean anew.

Let me introduce you my brand new desktop wallpaper.
Also, I wrote some lines to accompany my drawing as an entry to #PokeWorldLegends' 'Create a Legend' Contest.

I was trying to reuse my style that I developed back in high-school, but didn't get to use often as it is pretty time consuming and exhausting. Mixed with the styles of Hokusai and Aya Kato, with a little touch of the lovely works of Nanami Cowdroy to its composition.

Artwork & writing © me
Goldeen, Seaking, Octillery, Kingdra, Pokémon © Game Freak

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