Northern Light : Lady Sif Picture

( Originally posted elsewhere on March 15th, 2008 )

* Sif, the most beautiful of all women, wife of Thor, the golden haired, the fertility goddess, mother of Ullr and mother of fields of golden wheat, also referred to as the prophetess called Sibyl.

The best known story is about her hair. Loki cuts off Sif's hair as a prank. When Thor discovers this, he grabs hold of Loki and wants to kill him, resulting in Loki swearing to have a headpiece made of gold to replace Sif's locks. Loki fulfills this promise by having a headpiece made by dwarves referred to as the "sons of Ivaldi". Along with the headpiece, the dwarves produced Odin's spear, Gungnir. Further, as the story progresses, this event leads to the creation of the ship Skioblaonir and the boar Gullinbursti for Freyr, the ring Draupnir for Odin and the mighty hammer Mjolnir for Thor. *

Thanks for all your comments and fav`s on the images of this series so far. It is good to see, that you like the series and the way I tried to capture the spirit and majesty of this epic mythology in my images.
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