God's Creation Vs. Man's Picture

Funny thing. You don't need to look back far to see the fascination I had in Egyptian mythology.

One of the things I came across frequently in Egyptian art was the "obelisk" ... Sometimes called Cleopatra's needle. There's one in London. There's another in front of the White House. It's known as the "Washington monument."

To the Egyptians, the obelisk was an idol, particularily of sun-worship. Historically, it was a thing of competition. Each pharaoh wanted his burial tomb to be greater, taller, more unique than the last one. Eventually, someone got fed up and just constructed this monster of a tower called an obelisk -- which was basically a very distorted pyramid. In one instance, the massive structure fell during construction and crushed hundreds of workers. (I'd suffice to say that the God of Israel was also probably fed up, at that point.)

Then, some time around 600 AD (or who knows when,) Christians built this thing and started putting it on churches. They called it a steeple, and along with statues of "saints" which they worshipped, stained glass windows, and the like, it became a part of Christian culture.

... so, I guess I just don't understand. God gave us a beautiful sky to worship under. Day after day, it's never the same. Utterly gorgeous. Breath-taking. Phenominal. Yet we we choose buildings "over" God's great sky. What gives?

... So I put the copyright over the steeple, perhaps against my photographer's inhibitions, because I'd rather the text come in the way of man's creation than of God's.
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