The Creation of D'verin Picture

If you think d'verin's desgin was sooo original, think agn.

This was how d'verin came to be.

First drawn Oct. 28, 2008 in my marble (sketch) notebook, during after school class.

D'verin was just of combination of my favorite body parts and styles.
-The head shape of *kilara's Amsk inspired D'v's large eye.
-Spikes from Kingdom hearts 2 nobodies.
-=Shinerai's clothing designs.
-Wing style came from the FFTA2 poster.
There are a couple of dragons in the background, and the details of the feathers of the chocobo was the main inspiration.

I didn't really use the blue eyes white dragon as inspiration at the time, but I did drew that dragon so often when I was younger, that I accidentally recreated one in class. ..So throw a pic in there as filler.

D'v was never meant to be one of my main OCs, but I guess I really liked how the designed turned out.

His name D'verin was made up, just random letters that made sense. I decided later that his full name Damianus, long for Damien (my old OC). Later I google 'Verin' if this word even existed, fortunately it did. It was related to 'Verrine', a demon in Christian mythology or is name of a demon lord in Dungeons & Dragons. (.. now that I think about it, his name means demon-demon
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