The Creation of Leki Picture

I've been trying out a new style for a couple of months, and accidentally stumbled upon a little creation now dubbed "Leki." My friend pointed out that he bore great resemblance to Loki of Asgard and Legolas (...of Woodland Realm?), and decided that he was to be the lovechild of these two slicked-back-haired men.

So, Leki.

And Legolas x Loki is apparently my friend's new OTP.

For the interested, Loki is a Norse god (as if those who keep up with movies don't already know) who is capable of shape-shifting, and has (in Norse mythology, not Marvel-verse) given birth to a Sleipnir, an eight-legged horse, which for some reason fell into the service of Odin. So yes, it is possible for Loki to be with child.


(In case my handwriting is far too atrocious to be legible)

Upon discovering that Loki had somehow bore a child:

Legolas: Are you kidding me?
Loki: I assure you that this is entirely possible and has indeed happened.
Leki: (Wondering if this is how the rest of his life will play out) Damn.


2-3 hours
PaintTool SAI
Penpower Picasso

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