Creation-Remake Picture

I just had to remake this, it was bugging me. Ugh, they're supposed to be 2 and 3, but they look like teens. Oh well, they're aliens, their aging is arbitrary at best.

'What child doesn't pretend to be as healers or witches or cooks or alchemists? Mixing harmless plants and dirt into mock-stews and potions? It is a common thing to see.

Although these particular children are powerful and eons old in our time, in the aging of their own kin they are only the ages of 3 and 2, the white haired girl is the eldest and the dark haired is the youngest. Children they are though, and even with the knowledge of all their years, they acted exactly their ages.

They mixed together elements and chemicals as other children would grass and dirt, and formed spheres of it for fun. This happened in less than seconds in our short view, and was accompanied by the ruckus of mixing and children's playing. In their wake, they left forms of elements ready to evolve into life. As they went to play and create upon the other planes, the universe began.'

Also known as my mythology's blanket explanation for evolution and the big bang! at least it's a touch more in the right direction than other religions, eh? Personally, I could have wrote this better and will probably rewrite it in the future, but you get the idea.

Didn't draw their birthmarks here because the Oracle is facing away and I couldn't get the Fourth's eyes to look right. I have this headcanon that the Oracle's hair got more gravity defying with age, that's why it's just kinda bobbing along here. Side note: This style is supposed to be like 'stained-glass', thus the sectioned off body parts. Those are the best hands and feet I've ever drew, but yeah, the universe wasn't created by puppets, I swear! Haha. This is just a story though, I'm not claiming this being an actual religion.

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Characters, story, and art are mine.
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