Creation Trio Picture

Submission for a fan art competition held by my university's anime society. It got third but considering the other entries, I'm surprised it got even that!

Despite everything, my favourite trio continues to be the creation trio, probably because Diamond was my first Pokemon game (don't judge) and I got sucked in by the mythology and sheer power of these three beings (doesn't help that Dialga's design is awesome).. The scene is taken from Platinum though, just because I wanted to draw all three of them.

On the technical side, I'm really getting into the habit of messing up perfectly good drawings. I dripped water on this and the ink ran, hence some blotchy bits. Paper quality is not the best, hence some colour weirdness. I also messed up many details, especially concerning Dialga, since I was inking it without reference. Plus I got very lazy concerning the sky. A starry night looking over the universe would have looked more awesome but I was not sure how to pull that off with pencil.

But hey, third, so I'm not going to complain too much lest I offend the taste of AnimeSoc's members. So, hope you like.
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