Creation Picture

Long time no upload. I have a few larger paintings to upload soon, but this is to tide you. So happy I got a new piece up, it's been a year.

ACEO of an anthro raven holding a star in its beak, inspired from various mythologies of the raven creating the earth with the sun, stealing the sun, stealing stars, and so on. I know it doesn't look anthro, but you may notice the shoulder and a bit of the arm under the wing. Photographed, might scan later if the quality sucks.

The full-view size is the exact (or very near to) as the original.

PS: That thing in the corner is my new signature. Fingerprint with an upside-down "A".

Medium: Various coloured pencils, acrylics, watercolours, indian ink, white paint pen and salt on Illustration Board.
Time: 6 hours

Main: Untitled by Tom Murphy
Secondary: Untitled by George Lepp
Beak & Wings: Quoth The Raven by ~dutchshun
Beak: The Blue Raven by ~dutchshun and raven 2 by ~zaparolenoe
Wings: raven by ~davesbit
Shoulder: A Coat of Wings II by *AlectorFencer

NOT for sale, sorry
Size: 2.5" x 3.5" (ACEO) Illustration Board

NO prints, sorry

ART USAGE TERMS for Creation
Creation is copyright to Adele "Avalik" Johnson. Please use Creation according to the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 License, and no other way.

Specific terms: You may copy, perform, display and distribute this piece on and off deviantART for any use however photomanipulations of any kind including but not limited to cropping, adding text, scaling, and filtering is prohibited. Please ask prior if you wish to photomanipulate it. You do not have to include a link back or credit when displaying, but it is appreciated.

You may create non-photomanipulated derivative works, including tracings, however you must give credit and link back to the original art piece and you must ask if you are to post it outside of deviantART. You must also use and make visible the exact same terms and license I use unless you have arranged it with me otherwise. You may not get any financial gains from any derivative works.

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