#012 ITYITY Picture

Type: Normal/ Flying


Rivalry / Cutte Charm

evolutionary line:

Ityity-> lv 18 Pokémon with the egg group flying on the team (female) -> Truicess -> lv 36 -> ???
Ityity -> lv 18 Pokémon with the egg group flying on the team (male) -> ??? -> lv 36 -> ???
Ityity -> lv 18 -> ??? -> lv 36 -> ???


Ityity, the Pokémon marriage. Easily found, living in much of the Olympus continent. They are very docile, quiet and easy to create. Some fall in love easily by others of their kind and when they form a couple is for life. The Olympians usually free Ityity of couples in wedding days to bring luck to the couple.

base Mythological:

Ityity is the representation of himself "marriage" preached and defended by the goddess of the gods, Hera. The base animal to create this pokemon is the nightingale mixed with white pigeons (sometimes are released in days of marriage or peace symbols). The Nightingale creation myth also has Greek roots; it is said that Procne (wife of Tereus) was transformed by the gods, in Nightingale, her husband in Save (a type of woodpecker, singing "Puu-Puu") and her sister, Philomena, in swallow. The son of Procne called Itis, onomatopoeia in the corner of the Nightingale (Ity-ity). While her mother called her son (Ity-ity-ity) his father asked, "Puu-Puu", "Puu-Puu" ("where ?, where?" In Greek) ...
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