Luscinia Megarhynchos Picture

Luscinia Megarhynchos is Latin for Nightingale (it always sounds cooler in Latin xD)

Yeah, I was always interested in this particular bird ever since I was in primary school. It’s probably because my music teacher once told me that I resembled that of a Nightingale. He reasoned that it was because of my innocent exterior along with a sweet singing voice to match (yeah I was in choir). However, a few months ago my whole perception of this bird changed…

Based off Greek Mythology, there was a beautiful woman named Philomela in which the Thracian king Tereus fancied however, this beauty was his sister-in-law and as a corollary, had raped her then prevented her from revealing such atrocities by removing her tongue and holding her captive. Long story short, an Olympian God eventually transformed all three parties into birds (preventing further vengeance I presume), that is the king and the two sisters. Philomela (turned into the common nightingale) and is in fact the core inspiration for this picture. The Nightingale whose song is a cry for help from a poor soul from purgatory or the mourning for the loss of innocence.

Here I go again… sorry if I was a bore!

This has been on my mind for quite some time, so what I was attempting to do was draw an innocent girl who is generally known for her sweet exterior (like the Gale’s song) but deep down inside, this girl is also associated with lament. (Yeah… I know it’s kind of a fail!
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