Drawings by Miwa: Personas Picture

"Takeo-sensei! Do you think i got them right?"

Because Miwa cant draw and these a just rough sketches, thats why the title is like that xD
Rough Sketches for my three Persona ocs Personas.
Left to right information!

Name: Tyr
Mythology: Norse.
+ The god of single combat, victory, and heroic glory. Portrayed as a one-handed man as when the Gods decided to thether the wolf Fenrir with a magical ribbon no God but Tyr would step forward to tie the beast. Fenrir severed his right arm but was successfully tied till Ragnarok.
Arcana: Chariot
Resist: Electric
Block: None
Weak: Physical
Extra: Tyr is weak to physical attacks but mostly uses physical attacks. Yoji is equipped with a Falcon Eye to try and keep from getting knocked over.
Fatal End - Moderate amount of Physical damage on one enemy.
Ziodyne - Large amount of Electrical damage on one enemy.
Vicious Strike - Large amount of Physical damage on all enemies.
Sharp Student - Lowers the possibility of being struck by a Critical Hit.
Dodge Physical - Doubles evasion against Physical attacks.
Heatwave - Moderate amount of Physical damage on all enemies.
Mazionga - Moderate amount of Electrical damage on all enemies.
Power Charge - Next physical skill will be 2.5 times greater in power.

Name: Pele
Mythology: Hawaiian.
+ The godess of fire, dance, and volcanoes. She was sent away by her sister Nāmaka because of her closeness with the god Lono-Makua. She traveled by canoe to the Hawaiian islands and settled there. Her home is said to be in the Halemaumau crater in Kilauea.
Arcana: The Lovers
Resist: None
Block: Fire
Weak: Ice
Extra: Pele has little strength but alot of MP and magical strength.
Mind Charge - The next magic attack will be 2.5 times greater in power.
Maragidyne - Large amount of Fire damage on all enemies.
Agidyne - Large amount of Fire damage on one enemy.
Samarecarm - Revives an ally with full HP.
Fire Amp - Increases Fire damage output by 50%
Dekunda - Cancels -nda effects. All allies.
Me Patra - Recover from Fear, Confusion, and Rage. All allies.
Mediarama - Recovers a moderate amount of HP of all allies.

Name: Penelope
Mythology: Greek.
+ Faithful wife of Odysseus, who keeps her suitors at bay in his long absence and is eventually rejoined with him. Once her son Telemachus leaves she tries and trick her suitors by telling them she is weaving a blanket and she'll pick once she's finished, though every night she would sneak back to it and unravel what she'd finished that day.
Arcana: Death
Resist: Wind
Block: Dark
Weak: Electric
Extra: Penelope is used as a guide and helps Ayano with analysis of the enemy. She can, however, be knocked out if she is targeted and her HP reaches zero. She can be healed just as easily though.
Weakness Scan - Reveals one Shadow's weakness at the start battle.
Ali Dance - Doubles evasion for all attacks.
Third Eye - Reveals the effectiveness of an attack.
Treasure Radar - Reveals location of treasure chests on every floor.
Healing Wave - All allies recover 5% of their HP after battle.
Enduring Soul - Survive being knocked Unconscious once per battle with all HP restored.
Full Analysis - Reveals an enemy's stats, weak points, and any attacks or skills it may use.
Firm Stance - Halves all kinds of damage but voids evasion.

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