Titan Picture

Titans, justifiably known to many civilizations as the primordial gods, are the eldest and most powerful of the Æsir. With powers ranging from the simple such as limitless control of nature and the elements themselves, to the abstract such as the ability to effect the gravitational pull of entire galaxies have upon one another, they are beyond comprehension of mere mortals. In fact, some of them are even beyond the comprehension of their fellow Æsir. They are beyond the beyond. Mere words cannot describe the magnitude of their existence.

Titans are often extremely huge. So huge that their very bodies often act as habitats for lesser beings. While such awe imposing figures might be cumbersome to some extent, this is actually not a problem to Titans. Many are shape changers capable of manipulating their size so that they can convene with those that worship them on a more personal levels. Others are capable of manipulating their very environment to suit the occasion. And then there are others whose powers can be best described as bending the fabric of reality and perception.

Titans, like their Æsir brethren, have been worshiped by lower races. In times long since forgotten by mortal beings, they were worshiped like any other deity. However over countless millenia beyond reckoning, their worship dwindled and Titan worship was replaced with worship of younger Æsir. Many mortals associate this dwindling of Titan faith to a great event that happened countless millenia ago involving the Titans. A great event so huge in magnitude that it has been compared to the Big Bang that formed the very universe itself. That event was called the Titanomachy, the War of the Titans.

While there exists no mortal record of the primordial war, there have been many mythological theories of what happened. The most common is that the Titanomachy was a war between the Titans and the younger Æsir. The legend goes that the Titans with their great power had become overly arrogant and were oppressing the rest of the universe under their iron will. The Æsir, seeing the injustice done to the universe, banded together in order to usurp power from these tyrants. A great war ensued and in the end the Æsir won against the Titans for which they then banished.

Though the heroic legend of the younger Æsir conquering the oppressive Titans is a common and undoubtedly popular one among mortals, it is however a half truth. To immortals and those few enlightened ones, the mortal interpretation of the Titanomachy is merely a convenient tale to explain things that are beyond mortal comprehension. A convenient tale to explain why their old gods no longer answer them. What really happened was an event that was beyond simple changing of divine rulers. To put in perspective that a mere mortal could understand, there is a reason the Titanomachy is called the "War of the Titans".

Whether mortals would in time be able to comprehend what actually happened and understand the truth or live forever in a fantasy, the outcome of the Titanomachy was apparently enough that it caused the greatest congregation of Titans to finally leave things to the younger Æsir. Today, the majesty of the Titans is a thing of the ancient past. Some Titans are still worshiped and a few even still take an active role over the lives of lower races. For the most part however, the age of the Titans is a long forgotten time that mere mortals could only imagine.

Titans in the Front Row from Left to Right:

*Aurgelmir Ymir [link]
*Ganges Purusha [link]
*Arkheion Mnemosyne [link]

Titans in the Back Row from Left to Right:

*Killamainja Uhgyandios [link]
*Telamon Atlas [link]
*Pion Galileonux [link]


*The various Titans here were inspired greatly by the Titans in the God of War series.
*A fully grown Ymirian Dragon and a fully grown Manosaurus are included for size comparison.
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