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Telamon Atlas


Telamon Atlas is a Titan who is renowned for his incredible strength. Among Titans, Atlas is considered a giant among them. He is so large that he is considered a small planet. In fact, Atlas is known for supporting several lesser races within his body. A forest on Atlas' forearm is capable of supporting a small country with its diverse ecosystem.

Atlas is often seen supporting what appears to be a large globe like structure. Due to its starry appearance, many mortals believe that Atlas is supporting the sky. In reality, Atlas is actually supporting a portion of space itself. During the Titanomachy, a spacial anomaly occurred as a result of the conflict. This phenomenon can be best described in mortal terms as a lost of Dark Matter.

Dark Matter is believed to be what holds universe together. It is a concept beyond mortal understanding but appears to be something that Titans are familiar with. During the Titanomachy, a portion of this Dark Matter was "obliterated". The result of such was the very universe itself began to fold on itself to fill in the void.

Though the universe folding itself to compensate the lack of Dark Matter is the only way to fix things of such magnitude, the folding however cannot be done simply all at once. If the folding simply happened naturally at an instant, the resulting shockwaves caused by it would create several spacial distortions that would devastate the fabric of space and time. In simpler terms, the folding is like an earthquake. If it happens all at once, it would only cause devastation. If it happens slowly, the devastation is lesser.

This is where Atlas comes in. With his powers and size, Atlas was able to halt the folding of the universe to almost a stand still. The manifestation of such an act is the globe like structure. This structure is actually Dark Matter "solidified" by Atlas' upward force and the starry facade is a reflection of space reflected on the structure.

With the universe folding greatly reduced, the void created by the obliteration of Dark Matter can be filled up again at a much slower and safer pace. The problem however with this is that it is a completely long process. What's more, the danger of the universe folding together all at once is still present. If Atlas were to stop holding part of the universe for even a brief moment, it can all come crashing down.

Due to the nature of Atlas holding up the universe, many mortals believe that this is a form of punishment the Æsir imposed on him after the Titanomachy. The truth however is not as simple as that. It's true that there's some amount of punishment involved but it's just not that simple. Atlas himself doesn't consider the act as much of a punishment. He considers it more of an exercise of sorts.

While it is required from Atlas to hold up the universe, the act doesn't necessarily need to involve both his arms and back. Atlas is actually capable of holding the entire universe with just one hand. In fact, just as long as just one body part is used to hold the universe, all is safe. Atlas simply just holds it with his arms and back as it is much more easier.

Despite his heavy load, Atlas is actually quite mobile. As long as he has a firm hold on the universe, he can go anywhere he wishes. The problem however is that due to the tremendous forces at work, Atlas cannot simply go anywhere right away. He has to move very slowly and very carefully, almost to a snail's pace at Titan proportion. Atlas can actually run very fast while holding the universe. It's just walking very slowly is a whole lot safer considering the circumstances.

Apart from his incredible feat of strength and sacrifice, Atlas is known to have fathered several children. Among the most notable are the beautiful Hesperides, magical nymphs who tend a garden where mystical apple trees that bear golden fruit grow. The fruit has incredible healing properties and gives whoever eats them a great boost of strength. The nymphs and the fruit are attributed to Atlas' greatness and are two more achievements of this Titan.


• Based on Atlas from Greek Mythology…
• For some reason or another, when I drew Atlas' face, I was somehow reminded of Mansam from the manga Toriko.
• When I drew his body design also, I was also somehow reminded of the old yellow X-men uniforms.
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