Eridu's Seven Picture

A modfication to bring closer the looks of the Seven Sages, on which stalked upon the planet on the dawn of its civilizations. Commited and permitted many of what would come into fruition on Tredian Civilization. The Anunnaki, during the Topakhon Wars, crossed the galaxy on covert missions to mine the Five Hidden Elements. But one of their Princes, Enki, had a different interest on the wonderful planet.

He's been known to Toth and Melek Taws in the Djinn Academy, Chronpuchians who, like him, were capable of reaching the kether and becoming a Djinn. That, however, made them see the plans of the species' creator. In mind, they devised plans to contour the situation. Leaving the Djinn Academy behind, Enki would cooperate with Apollo in the Delphic Order, since the one had a deal of interest concerning the powers of his father. Once again, Enki was trapped in the bureaucracies of the war times. Being menaced to be given to the academy which he escaped from, he was seemingly under Apollo's direct supervision. On that context, he was friend to the famous Triton Asclepius, developer of the Asklepian. He also met the fellow member of the Order, Abaris the Hyperborean, who helped the construction of the E-ABSU at the Helladean city of Thule. There, they met with Isimud and Trismegistos (who's no other than Toth himself - in Djinn form), planning an escape from the order.
Before they could escape, Enki should pay his debts with Apollo, and was responsibilized to seek and destroy the invading Drakaina race. That hunt would be crucial to the exit of the future members of the Apkallu from Helladeas, since it made possible (through Sophia's Kratozoa) the Wand of Abaris to transport something as huge as the functional E-ABSU through the Chaos dimension without harm, and, as well, was the turning point for Asclepius who no longer would find respite in Helladeas, being frustrated with the death of his lover.
Gathering at the E-ABSU were the trio of escapees from the Ohrmuzdian Djinn academy (Melek Taws-Nabu; Toth-Trismegistus and Enki-Ea), plus Isimud, assisting Lord Enki on his anunnaki duties, and the fellow Delphic Order members Asclepius and Abaris (the latter, oficially going to a "exchange program" of graduation).

The Chronpuchian Horakhty was one of those who noticed the subtle appearance of the E-ABSU, and was as well known to Toth. His role on the organization concerned military tactics, given the kings of the Eridu civilization would need it from the day forward, since they had the most formidable castles, fortresses and cities a native civilization of the fertile crescent had at time. Gathered as 7, however, Enki felt like if he was to play only admnistrative roles, and as so they should play politically with other neighbour kingdoms. On the Per Aa Council formed by Toth years ago, there was specially a native leader, Ptah, who stood upon the rest on what was known of engineering. That would come to hand to excel the eternal distribution of knowledge (through religious intitations and other kinds of bureaucracy) through the new christened 7 SAGES.

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