Guildmaster Vance Sen'escal Picture

I added a goat for no reason whatsoever. Well, actually I often associate Vance with two things: candlesticks and goats, more commonly the latter. For some reason I don't do the same for his sister.

Vance Sen'escal is the antisocial Fomorian leader of the Beinn Scalta Warriors, a small mercenary guild founded in 998 during the Rauric Era. He is regarded by his peers as a highly skilled and dauntless warrior. He is known for his inhuman speed in battle as well as his ability to capture sunlight with his twin longswords and convert it into boosts of energy (and by that I mean he's able to do this crazy unrealistic ninja shit that movie buffs and weeaboos eat up).

A very blunt no-nonsense figure, Vance commands authority in nearly all affairs within the guild. However, he seldom takes part in anything fun and doesn't even smile around guild members, except when he is either alone or in the company of his younger sister Laine. He harbors a mutual resentment to his fellow bladesman Uleag MacIolair that is centered around the differences between their two races. Oddly, he doesn't dislike Uleag's twin brother Eanraig, saying "[He] finds him more tolerable to be around." He also frequently goes out for drinks with his second-in-command Gaius "Marco" Franscocio even though they are frenemies at best. In addition to being distant and disliking literally everyone, Vance is also obsessivley pursued by Elfking Selvyn, believing a prophecy that foretold his death at the hands of ado other drawings "goat-man". It is inevitable that they will fight at some point.

Vance's past, for the most part is shared with Laine. They were both raised by their grandfather in seclusion on Slate Mountain in northeastern Inisfail. However, Vance lost his memories on his ninth birthday, and his grandfather Sileach ominously refuses to reveal anything other than the Sen'escal Family is originally from the Fomorian capitol of Adharccen.

I might work on portraits/long character descriptions for my other main characters, mainly so I can read over the descriptions and see if they match what I'm writing.
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