Emissary of Rejuvination Picture

This is another of my friend Mellissa modeling one of my masks, the Leaf Elemental, for some shots we took at Mt. Pisgah (10-30-05). My friend helps run a local gallery and their scheduled artist pooped out on em so she asked me if I could get an exhibit of my art ready... in about 5 days! LOL, it was exciting, this is literally my first time doing any photography other than family pics on vacation so I'm happy that any of them turned out ok. I'm thinking of making prints of some of them available to buy on DA, but it'll be a lil while before I get around to it so check back if you really like this one.

It's just a digital pic taken with a clunker we got my mom years ago, it's a pretty simple camera but I tried to spice up the pics using Picasa2, a picture sorting/editing program. I don't have photoshop yet, but hopefully someday I will and then I can really play with these pics.
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