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Biographical Information

Full Name

  • Giovanni - "God has shown meaning"
  • Stephan - "That which surrounds."
  • Cassano - "One who has come from Bari, Italy."


  • Gio - Used by his clique mates, the Felony Fighters.
  • Gio De Janeiro - Used by the greasers.

Set age

  • Certified Birthdate: September 29th, 1988.
  • Astrological Sign: Virgo
  • Chinese Zodiac Animal: Snake

Other Information

  • Gender: Male

Family and Culture


Lorenzo Cassano (Father)

  • Giovanni and his dad are very close to eachother. They frequently hang out on weekends, and do a lot of things males would do to bond, such as going to the gun range, mountain biking, lifting weights at the gym, going to New York to watch MMA fights, or even going hunting. He also taught Giovanni all of the martial arts he knows. He works as a Police officer in Bullworth. Unlike most of the other cops, Lorenzo takes a fair approach to law enforcement.

Alexandra Marino (Mother)

  • Giovanni is also close to his mother, despite he hangs out with people at school that she doesn't like, She doesn't approve of his friends due to them being juvenile delinquents. She wishes Giovanni would hang out with better friends, but Giovanni claims they're harmless, which they really are.


Maria Cassano (Older Sister)

  • Maria is Giovanni's older sister, and the oldest child in the family. She currently is in college in her Sophomore year, She is the head cheerleader in her college, and she dates the head quarterback. She is 23 years old.

Franco Cassano (Older Brother)

  • Franco is Giovanni's older brother. He is in his freshman year in college. He is a college gymnast, and he has been seen on TV by his family. He's never won a gymnastics tournament, but he's gotten a couple of silver and bronze medals. He is 20 years old.

Angelo Cassano (Younger Brother)

  • Angelo dislikes his older brother. This is most likely because he's a jock, and the Felony Fighters and the Jocks don't get along. He however takes particular enjoyment into bullying the nerds, and frequently picks fights with the Guerillas. He is a Junior and is 16 years old.

Felipe Cassano (Younger Brother)

  • Felipe is the fourth oldest son, He likes to hang out with Giovanni and the Felony Fighters, and he enjoys watching Giovanni spar with his friends. He wants to become a Felony Fighter, but Kai and Giovanni both agree that Felipe could get seriously hurt if he became one. He is a Sophomore and is 15 years old.

Blanca Cassano (Younger Sister)

  • Blanca is 14 years old, and is a Freshman. She wants to be on the cheer squad, just like her older sister was back at Bullworth, she will probably make it on to the cheer squad, because Maria was the head cheerleader on the year she graduated.

Nico Cassano (Younger Brother)

  • Nico is in 6th grade. He has straight A's, and he has no friends, he is frequently bullied by the older students, and his older brother Angelo. Giovanni however allows him to watch him and the felony fighters spar.

Is there still contact with his family at Bullworth?

  • There is, due to four of his siblings attending Bullworth Academy, and his dad being a police officer.

Physical Description

Basic Description

  • Hair Color: Phantom Black with Rusette brown hair
  • Eye Color: Sienna Brown
  • Weight: 169 lbs
  • Height: 5'10

Advanced Description

  • Figure/Build: Slender and Muscular
  • Birthmarks/Distinguishing Features/Scars: Appendectomy scar
  • Frequently Worn Jewelry: Cross for good luck, and stud earring.
  • Writing Hand: Right Handed.

Personal Information

Current Living Arrangements: Bullworth Academy, Boys Dorm Room 16.

Originated From: Bullworth, New Hampshire.

Travelled Territories: Scarperia, Italy.

Hobbies: Sharp Shooting, Sparring, Lifting Weights, Mountain Biking, Hunting

Fears: None

Religion/Beliefs: Roman Catholic

  • Why? He is Italian, and the main religion in Italy is Catholicism.

Health Behaviors

Physical Ailments/Disabilities/Issues: None

Chronological Information

  • Profession: Student/Martial Artist
  • Likes: Sports cars, Girls, Fighting, Guns, Hot Showers.
  • Dislikes: Greasers, Cleaning, Clique Drama.

Goals/Ambitions: To be either a Police Officer or a Marine. If not, a Mixed Martial Artist.

Most Painful Moment: When he was a new member in the Felony Fighters clique about six months ago, fellow Felony Fighter Ewan Devlin jumped off the ledge entering the hole and elbow dropped him when they were sparring, and knocked the wind out of him. Ewan apologized by force from Kai and Zhou, and they made up. Giovanni warned Ewan that if he ever elbow drops him again, he will do it back.

Weapons/Equipment: Switchblade, Tactical Flashlight.

Personal Attributes


  • Pros: Friendly, Funny, Fair Fighter, Honest
  • Cons: Quick to Anger, A bit arrogant, Cocky.


  • He has a good sense of humor, when him and the felony fighters go get drunk or go smoke marijuana, he definitely can crack a good joke.
  • He's generally polite, but his politeness can go to shit when angered.
  • Out of all of his siblings, he is the most honest out of them all.


  • He gets angry fast, and he gets extremely loud and his insults can get abusive. He is much quicker to get into a fight than he usual is. It is also next to the impossible to calm him down.
  • He also can be extremely arrogant, and tends to brag quite a bit.
  • He's also cocky, which gives him a tough guy attitude.

Good Habits:

  • When sparring, he fights fairly, and doesn't fight dirty, unless his opponent starts fighting dirty.
  • He doesn't lie to teachers or prefects, but if asked about his clique's hangout, he lies.
  • When told to read or study, he complies and does what he's told.

Bad Habits:

  • Quick to pick fights with the greasers and the jocks.
  • Around a teacher he doesn't like, he frequently talks back and argues with them.
  • With the girls he likes, he tends to flirt with them, even when he doesn't know he's flirting.

Fetishes/Strange Behaviors: None

Stereotype: Stereotypical Italian. Both appearance wise, and personality wise, he is like any Italian who is fresh off the boat, has the accent, extremely loud, tan skinned, dark hair and dark eyes.

Rating on Personal Qualities

Physical Strength: (9/10)

In a fight, Giovanni doesn't exactly rely on his strength, but his knowledge of Italian martial arts, and his speed. He could absolutely destroy anyone in a fight. He's taken Johnny Vincent quite a few times, and absolutely decimated him. He's come close to injuring Ted Thompson in a fight, and he's humiliated Derby a couple of times. He still has quite a bit of strength, due to his weight lifting

Attractive: (8/10)

He's sun kissed, toned muscles, dark haired and mysterious. He's not exactly a heartthrob, but he is definitely one of the more handsome boys in the school. He may dress trashy, but when the occasion comes, he dresses up nicely. He also has great hygiene.

Honesty: (8/10)

Giovanni is the most honest out of his siblings, due to him not aiming to have any popularity, or being unpopular like his youngest brother. His siblings dishonesty comes from the siblings with popularity, and fakeness. He is recognized as the most realistic out of all his siblings.

Intelligence: (6/10)

Giovanni isn't the smartest in his family, but he is atleast passing all of his classes with B's and C's, with one or two A's. His youngest brother is smarter than him, but he is smarter than all of his siblings.

Rule Abiding: (4/10)

Because he's a felony fighter, and the Felony Fighters hang out in an area that is off limits to the student body, and he's constantly fighting with the Greasers, Preps and Jocks in fights the three cliques commonly are found instigating with him. There is rarely an occasion where he's not in detention, or running from the prefects. However, in class; he still abides by basic rules, except for the fighting rule.

Sociability: (7/10)

He is sociable, but due to the hostility the Jocks, Greasers, and Preps present towards Giovanni and the Felony Fighters, there's not many people he can socialize with.

Bullworth Academy Information

Reason For Enrolling: His dad has been on the Police force ever since he first moved to Bullworth, and decided to send the first born daughter and son to Bullworth Academy, so he decided to Enroll Giovanni and his other siblings in Bullworth Academy.

Clique: Felony Fighters

Standing and Rank in Social Cicle: Giovanni is a well liked and respected member in the clique. He used to be the gateway into the clique, but recently, he has proven himself a good fighter, and he can beat the leader and second in command of the Preps, Jocks and Greasers with ease

Room Number: Room 16

Roommates: Andrei Mishnev, Hermann Schmidt, Donald Anderson, Craig Mendoza.

Favorite Subject: Spanish

  • Why? "Italian and Spanish are too similar to each other, it's the easiest class I have, and I have an A+ in there."

Least Favorite Subject: Chemistry, Government, and Math.

  • Why? "I don't get how chemistry works, and the formulas make no sense, I hate Math, because Mr. Hattrick is a bad teacher and we learn useless math, I hate government because the teacher only passes the popular students.


Languages: English, Spanish, Italian.

Grade: 12

Expertise: Language Arts

  • Chemistry: 46%
  • Botany/Biology: 69%
  • Mathematics: 56%
  • English: 80%
  • Geography: 76%
  • Politics/Law: 60%
  • Government: 30%
  • Economics: 70%
  • Cooking/Culinary: 90%
  • Shop: 75%
  • Mythology: 81%
  • Photography: 84%
  • Spanish: 95%
  • Health/Gym: 78%
  • Reading Level: Average

Relationship Statuses

Best Friend(s)

  • Fransisco Castro (Best Friend): He is Giovanni's neighbor, and Giovanni got Fransisco into the Felony Fighters clique. Him and Giovanni frequently spar, and Giovanni helps Fransisco improve his fighting skills.
  • Anetta Eposito (Love Interest): Anetta and Giovanni had a close relationship back from 8th grade to 10th grade. They were close, they kissed on the first week of the relationship, and they went on quite a few dates. They were in love, until she had to move away. They still talk on the phone frequently, despite Anetta has another boyfriend.


  • Kai Leu: Kai originally thought of Giovanni as "A fiery Italian who greatly overestimates himself" until he knocked Derby Harrington out, destroyed Ted Thompson, and decimated Johnny Vincent all in one day. Kai persuaded Giovanni to join the Felony Fighters clique, and he now has Kai's respect.
  • Ewan Devlin: Despite they started out badly when Ewan elbow dropped Giovanni, and Giovanni despised him for quite a while, they rematched and Giovanni didn't do anything dirty for revenge, they hit it off pretty well, and they became friends. They frequently make fun of eachother, but they don't do it to the point where they get mad at eachother.
  • Yumi Hajimoto: Yumi is a World War II historian, just like Giovanni. They are partners in History class, she only likes him as a friend however, due to her dating Mario McCurio, They are only friends.

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