Seraph of the End Daimhin Picture

Name: Eeada Ní Nuadháin

Nickname: "Daimhin" His Clan name. Which means "Little Deer" in Celtic

Psychic Age:17

Actual age:Over 1,500 years old

Birthday date:March 21 Between 500 CE and 600 CE


Height: 172cm/5.6 feet

Weight: 110 pounds/50kg

Stat’s:Alive But un-dead

Family: Aibhlinn-mother (Decease)

Unknown father- ( Unknown)

Willem-Druid priest/ uncle figure ( Decease)

(Adapted) Clan mother (Alive)

Adapted clan grand mother (Alive)

Brenda, Brid, and,Cruatha -Adapted big sister's (alive)

Berneen-(Means little bear)Adapted little sister (alive)

Blood Sisters: The rest of The Artio Guardians (Alive)

Religion: (Non Christian ) Druidism and Celtic

Nationally: Irish

Country of origin: Scotland (Highland)

Clan: "The Artio Guardians" or "The Guardians of Artio"


Vampire Class:

Species of Vampire: "Baobhan Sith"

Which are type of Scottish vampires. That are half deer , half vampire , and half ghost.An are normally supposed to be an all female race. An they don't have fangs to drain the pries blood.Instead they used there sharp vampire claws to do it.

Personality: Eeada Is mostly a quite guy. Whose very anti-sociable around humans. Or those he simply want to avoid contact with .But also had very modest . An kind of a tsundere around those he would normally hate.

He very strong mind so doesn’t let most things brother him though

An he is quite knowledgeable and informative

An despite now being monster.He still consider other species of follow animals to his brother and sisters .An as equals and friends.Trees,fungus, plants, and other greens as cousins and nephews

Lastly he a bit of a hipster. A rebel against human society

Likes: To read books and stories about Celtic and druid deities ,Heroes, and all dat stuff.An reading those story to his friends.But he enjoys reading in general .Like on ancient/past cultures and socialites .Such as Greek,hiter, and Egyptian

He lie company other being besides humans. Preferable his brothers ,sisters animals. His cousin , and nephew plants ,tree, f An other vampires.Enjoys the feelings of being free , alive, bold and different. Like being in natures warmth rather being in a normal society.Tradition Celtic games ,music , and dances.But also like’s a bit modern day music and dances.
Drinking the blood of (young) human males


Enemies of the Celtics. Any saying that attribute to those regions.

Like instead of saying omg he’s say omgz

Or he’ll say “I see u in the U.W” instead of “ I’ll see you in hell”

OR “what the U.W” instead of "what the hell"

BCE and CE instead of BC and AC

Fighting human girls

Any that Main stream or consider the normal. He just like to go with his own style and be different from those around him.

He hates it when others say shit other personality's and ideas

Skeptic's and any who demises other religions and there ideas as mythology

Those say there one only god .Just pisses him off

Being called deer boy or deer person

Humans and there views , how they think there above the laws of nature . How view there fallow animals.An how they treated them. How everyone thinks humans are so innocent and killing them for food is so wrong.
When taking so many lives and homes away. With out some much so though
An they think such simple thing are going to change everything. How they think only ones that think have feelings or history

An they thing world is there and they can do what every they want with it.
An how much pain they cause Artio .A every nature goddess

He dislikes ,guns, and vehicles. But goes with saying for any deer.

Being called a person. Cause he has monster pride

So he calls his race my kin instead of my people

Bother some and persistent individuals

Appearance: A young feminine male semi-furry or hybrid furry deer.Basic of the "Scottish sika ". In other worlds he like a furry but more like human like this….…

Expect you know he's a deer and the lower half of his body is completely like that of a normal Scottish Sika.

He has deer like nose ,ears, and small deer antlers perturbing out from the top of his head. But upper torso more human like than furry.An his raspberry color eyes are also more human like.
He also had sharps vampire vampire like claws.An aqua green color skin , Teal color deer fur and his deer ears are light gray on the inside.An Navy Blue color freckles

An long black curry hair in style is like this…

A wears feathers in his hair .Expect there coal,white , and raspberry in color

He's Wear's a black and white mask that inspire from Arawn mask /face…

Steam brown steam punk goggles with yellow frames

A raspberry steam punk vest .With white Trinity symbols on it and navy blue color buttons.

With a white sleeveless shirt under neath

Connected with a brown mini-skirt. With brown straps

He wears no shoes.Has these Navy Blue symbols on his back


But instead of horse they are deer face painted on.

Also he a has these symbols on his chest…

As well bear paw on his right shoulders

An wears an necklace like these…

In his spirit deer form.He turns into the spirit of a young male deer.

Most of his deer fur is aqua green.His under fur is teal in color

And has aqua green flames coming from the back of his legs.Like the legs of a rapidash

While his eyes are pure Turquoise in color.

Nature Ability’s:

Can speak any language of any creature

Can hear the voices of any green life. (Moss ,tree,fugues,plants etc...)

Can Vanish and re-vanish any where. In close proximity of coarse. It's actually teleportation though. An created field of mist/frog around himself.

Can used Enchanted hypnotic dance.To weaken and dull his opponents or prey senses ,speed,and strength.By making them dance unit they become so tried they fall asleep

His enchanting dances can also be used on allies as well. To give dem a moral and energy boost

In his spirit form he can restore an area of the land.To way it was years ago. With each step. An called forth the spirits of those who die, on the land to his aid. This effects last for as long as, he’s in his spirit form.An when he’s not it automatic reverse it self

Weakness:Horses... cause his kind are frighting of horses.An can not go near them

Sun light, iron, and any bright lights. The sound of a gun shoot.Which cause his nature fight or flight instance to kick in.An he might flee. The fact that some his powers don't work on human females. So he like hastening about fighting them. Unless he needs to.
The fact that sometimes he over thinks things to much. That he never face modern day vampires or vampire killer
His strong will can make very stubborn.


-Eeada is druid who comes from long line of

druids. His mother was great druid who for saw end of her and her druids clan.She try to warn rest of her clan. But no avile.

So when Eeada was small she sent him to live with old friend hers.Name Willem who was druid priest .While she and the rest order Perish to un known fate.

- The old man offer his home a small cottages. In middle of the forest.As a place for Eeada for to stay. The old man was always off doing so sort of business. So most of the time

Eeada was left behind. But he wasn't alone he had friends. Nutella a female sika deer, york a Red Squirrel.An Chrip a male Crested Tit a type of Scottish bird.He lived on back of druid knowledge and read reading books . About the druids deities

In which he read to his friends that come to visit and play with him.

-The old man peace keeper between 2 different religion of a nearby villages.

But even so the druids and Celtics Were still look down upon. By the Christian

Even eeada every time he visit the villages for supplies.The local villages kid would always come by the cottage to thrown stones at him and call him spiteful things.

-But after old mans death many of the druids and Celtics left. Expect for Eeada. One day however a bad framing had hit the villages food supply. An they took this as a bad omen fro m there god. So they blame Eeada and gather a mob. Eeada friends mangiest to get to him in time to warm him. But later die in fire cause by the humans

Which sent the whole forest a blaze. But eeada mangiest to escape, but soon collapse of extinguishing

-He was later discover by group of Baobhan Sith looking to make meal of him. But a sign from goddess Artio. Made them taking pity on him. So Instead they turn him into the first male Baobhan Sith .An they adapt him into there clan. As there new little sister

An he soon learn there ways and customs.Over the years he forgot most of his origin. But develop furious hatred towards humans. .So he diced become and avenger of nature. To make the humans pay for all the shit they done.

An His sisters diced to join him on his mission

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