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So- my application for Scarlett Hosts.
I feel like it's a little too long or something- from the other 'to be' applications that I stalked around to see. But. But. IDK.

Anyway- say hi to Suvan. :'D
Name: Tarak Suvan Jarrett
Alias: Suvan
Gender: Male pronoun preferred.
Age in Appearance: 24 and… 24.
Ethnicity: Indian // English
Height: 6’ 2”
Species: Dhamphir [Powerless from the waxing crescent to the waxing gibbous- approximately 4 days.]
Hair: Natural black.
Eyes: Cream.
Financial/Social Status: Servant to a noble house – no solid monetary income, and hence technically ‘poor’.
Style: Collared shirt, slacks, laced boots, gloves, usually a scarf and vest.

Personality: A child of too many worlds, Suvan has never found the kind of acceptance that he has looked for most of his life. However in failing to understand many things about himself, his history, and his ‘people’, he has emotionally retreated into himself. For the most part Suvan is quiet and reserved, but not in the ‘shy’ way. Instead, he is more likely to just walk away without a word if something or someone is bothering him. When he does feel the need to give his opinion, it is often blunt- bordering on cruel. He’s not the guy that you want to ask if your butt looks big in that petticoat. He’ll tell you. However, his forward approach can often be a blessing as well, since Suvan has no trouble apologizing when he feels he’s honestly wrong, or give out compliments when he thinks they’re honestly deserved. The biggest downside is that his lack of emotional connections to other people makes him often misunderstood, and things that he did not mean to be insulting and/or rude will come off that way. He is, however, an honestly fun-loving person when he finds something fun to do with people that he feels he can at least mildly trust. He can have a morbid sense of humor, since he believes that live and death are a cycle. And if a person were to somehow get to the point where he would honestly call them a close friend, Suvan is an excellent listener, and at least gives his best try to give sympathetic advice. However, this kind of relationship has only been established a few times in his life, and currently he’s a little bitter to the idea of new friends.
Family: Suvan was told that his mother died in childbirth with him, and he has accepted this. A large part of him, however, still feels responsible for ‘killing’ his mother, and so he blames himself for ‘not being raised properly’ because of it. He was raised on his British father’s estate, but as a servant, not a son. He was often not allowed outside, and his pale-skinned father simply excused it that they were just not made for the Indian sun. This, too, Suvan believed. He knows nothing of his mother’s side of the family, but was told simply that he didn’t need to. The family on his father’s side was explained away with ‘wanting nothing to do with a half-breed’ which he easily took to mean his Indian blood- and nothing more.
Background: Suvan was born in the unstable political climate of late 19th-century India. Born to an Indian mother, and a British father, he was already set up to stand out. Add in his unusual eyes, and ‘weak blood’ that required medication, and Suvan found that he was an unintended pariah. Though he was raised among the Indian staff, and imparted with many if the Hindu morals and cultural traditions, he was never really seen as a true native. He was often taught things because ‘he seemed curious’, rather than because people thought he should know. Alternatively, the Christian members of the household would also try to impart their beliefs on Suvan, because unlike the other ‘heathens’, he might be able to lean some proper etiquette. Of course the mix of all these things ended more or less with Suvan skewing the idea of ‘God’ into something neither strictly Hindu, or Christian, and not being highly devoted to any tradition. However he related more with Indian standards of things, and learned many of the holy Hindu Vedas and other important texts. This was apparently not what his father had planned for him, and used the excuse of the Sepoy Mutiny to send Suvan to a family in England. Of course when he arrived, he was not only at a loss for accepted culture, but he was still considered a servant to the house. Suvan missed his native India terribly, and did his best to try and collect things to decorate his room in the house as something more familiar. However since his ‘wage’ was boarding and food, Suvan had to find creative ways to either earn or collect his trinkets. He ended up finding a mild talent for building novelty mechanical things like music boxes. He could also /fix/ things like pocket-watches, clocks, or sometimes even his own creations. This allowed for a meager extra income that he kept secret from his house, and used the money to continue making his room a ‘little India.’ Of course, while Suvan was never gifted with a wonderful karmatic fate, things seemed to get even worse. One day in his late teens the Mistress of the house had surprised him, and the small mechanical bird that he had been trying to build suddenly leapt straight from his hands before crashing to the floor. Suvan thought that he had been shaken so bad that he’d merely dropped the bird- the Mistress, however, saw something different. And dangerous. A few more years drifted by, and Suvan had more or less forgotten the incident. One day while sitting in the garden, a fuzzy caterpillar fell off an overhanging branch, and into Suvan’s hair. When he couldn’t get it out (and that fuzz felt so weird), Suvan started to freak out, and the creature wound up on his face. Suvan backed up into a pillar with a small cat statue on it, and the stone feline came very much to life and padded on Suvan’s shoulders, and pawed off the offending bug. Suvan was distressed, but as he calmed down, the cat turned back into motionless stone- in a different position. While Suvan could not fully understand what had happened, the Mistress reported the powers. Soon enough on a night when the boy was having (thankfully) trouble sleeping, he caught sight of people trying to sneak into his room. Not really knowing what else to do, Suvan escaped. He managed to get out through the kitchen- knowing he would have to grab his medicine if he wanted to live on the outside world. He’s managed to move from town to town with relative ease- though his darker skin, obvious displacement, and odd eyes make it hard to stay out of sight- Suvan doesn’t usually stay very long at all. Even up to the current period he has no idea what he is, or what to do about it- but he knows there’s something very not normal about him; and he’s set and determined to figure out why.

Tinkering; tinker-tinker, if it’s mechanical and you don’t want it messed with- don’t share with Suvan.
Reading: generally Suvan enjoys reading nonfiction works, but if he has to choose a fiction- he prefers mythology books.
Meditating: also a deeper form of ‘observing’ to Suvan- he often will simply sit or stand and watch the world around him for hours.
Chai: if anyone is a tea-drinker, it’s Suvan. To the point where he carries his own small tea glass in his pocket.
Kheer: (a pudding made from rice and milk) Suvan’s favorite dessert, and arguably his personal comfort food.

Caterpillars: of all the things to have an irrational fear over, Suvan has one with caterpillars. He can deal with all other insects and arachnids- but will have practical fits if he has to deal with a caterpillar.
People reading over his shoulder: firstly, Suvan doesn’t really like having people at his back. Then add on his annoyance with people hovering around him. It’s a surefire way to get on his bad side.
Poetry: he doesn’t understand it- and so hence it aggravates him.
Beef: if asked to pick a religion, Suvan would probably say that his views were mostly Hindu. Hence, he doesn’t eat much meat, and never beef. The sight of raw beef will usually make him feel sick.
Unhygienic people: or people that Suvan views as unclean, even if by ‘technical’ standards they might be considered clean.

Extras: Most of Suvan’s ‘likes’ are his hobbies. However, aside from those, he is a rather amazing cook. Though he mostly knows native Indian recipes, he also has a few good English dishes mastered. Even if he doesn’t realize it, when talking about things that he’s most interested in, Suvan will often start expressing emphasis with his hands. He’ll also rub his feet back and forth when trying to get to sleep, though he doesn’t always realize that he’s doing it.
Powers: Animation: The act, process, or result of imparting motion or activity to a previously inanimate object.

Current: At the moment, Suvan has no distinct control over his power at all. Events where he is able to animate an object are sporadic, and usually surface only in situations of strong emotional reactions (i.e. fear, anger, surprise, etc.). However, in the event that Suvan is able to animate an object, the following is required; he must be in direct contact with the object (i.e. have his hands on it, or be leaning against it), he can only animate an object for as long as his emotional state remains high, and finally the object being animated must have no more weight than Suvan himself. While there exists the possibility for Suvan to be able to control anything that is inanimate- likely including the dead and massive objects- he is a long, long way from such uses.

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