Greetings at parting Picture

Ah, actually I've chosen the worst time to start drawing ^^ So I'm kinda slow these times >.> Well, anyway it doesn't seem that a lot of people is interested in these pictures anyway XD

So, today I wanted to introduce you to one of my favorite Celtic couples: meet! Cian and Ethlinn!
Actually this exact scene doesn't present in the original text, but it was added later, at about 18th century, I guess. But! You can read the whole story in the wonderful book of Eithne Massey, "Legendary Ireland". I'll just retell it.

The princess as lovely as a summer's dawn over the great Atlantic is named Ethlinn. Her father is an evil Fomorian king, and he locked her in a tower on a lonely island nearly by the time she was born - as her father was told that he would be killed by his grandchild.
So, the girl was raised in a lonely tower with her bondmaids only. However, sometimes her father visited her, and she was always terrified by his ugliness. He had only one eye, and that only eye was always closed - for it would immediately kill anyone it would look on.
She always believed that the world had females only, for she has never seen a single man in her life. Furthermore, her bondmaids were not allowed even to mention the word "man".

One day, when it was stormy, two gentle women came to the island and asked to be let in the tower. Ethlinn's bondmaids agreed, but noticed, giggling, that their mistress has never known a man, so if possible, women should not mention theis existance.
Everything was just fine, but suddenly one of the guests - the old woman - shook a branch she had with her, and everyone - all the bondmaids, animals and birds of the island - fell asleep. Everyone but two of the guests and Ethlinn herself.
The old woman said that the spell would break with the first ray of the sun, and then came away, while the second woman - a very well and young one - took off her female dress and appeared to be... er... not quite a woman.
The 'young man' ("or how was it again?.." ^^) fell in love with the princess from the very first sight, and even forgot about the reason why he came there.
On the picture it's the exact moment. The man (his name is Cian) is saying: "You are the loveliest girl I have ever seen - what a pearl beyond any price".

However as the morning came, they had to part. That's why the picture's name is "Greetings at parting".
The girl is confused, for she has never EVER seen such a strange creature. However she fell in love with him as well.
From that meeting they had three sons, but only one of them survived: the greatest of the Irish gods, Lugh Lamfada.
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