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The Fellowship of Naraka was a group founded literally during the final moments of the Mualistani Empire. Lead by the recently freed Devarim Naraka, the Fellowship seeks to take over the world and install Naraka as Archterra's Supreme Ruler.

NARAKA(far left)... The Savior, The White Flame, God of Rebirth, Naraka of the White Aura

Naraka was one of the Devarim, a group of deity like beings who came to Archterra along with the meteorite that introduced Aetheris. Like all Devarim he has an Aura Core, which allows him to extend energy out of his body in near unlimited variations. He is also one of the most powerful, able to fight Ehru, Mu, Mithra, and Gedo by himself. He however, like all his brethren were imprisoned in Orichalcite "Lotus Prisons" by the Sirilites and hidden away all across Archterra. When Naraka was freed by cultists who worshipped him, he immediately resumed his conquest. However his thousands in captivity had caused his years to stagnate, and although he was still formidable he realized he needed to form a team until he could regain his strength.

Naraka fights with his awesome aura techniques as well as his great speed and strength. He meditates and trains himself frequently, seeking to better himself every minute, especially after his years in captivity. As an enemy he is dangerous, but he offers mercy whenever possible and respects his enemies, especially if they are strong. He seeks to take control of the world, not out of pride or ego, but in order to promote true order, unity, and justice, which he feels that human leaders are incapable of.

KALI( in wraps)... The Wraith Queen

Kali was one of the first Daemons to be created by the Falling Star. She is regarded as the most powerful of all wraiths, a class of Daemon capable of resurrecting the dead and manipulating their souls. Kali gets a thrill from violence and killing, and will kill anyone for any reason should they not prove more useful alive. Kali follows Naraka because he promised her an Aura Core in return for her aid. Besides that her loyalty is completely nonexistent and she often disobeys orders in order to satisfy her bloodlust.

RAMAS TALOS ADAMIDA (in black coat)... Naraka's Chosen Sage

Ramas Talos Adamida is the head of a cult worshipping Naraka, and is the one who freed Naraka from his Lotus Prison. When his family was executed for a crime they did not commit he resolved to take vengeance upon the world' governments. It was then did he find the Cult of Naraka, which comprised of similar like minded individuals. He rose up the ranks of the cult and became Naraka's Chosen Sage. As a Sage, Ramas has access to magical items that grant him limited aura abilities as though they were normal magical artefacts. He is exceptionally skilled with the Aura Sabre, Aura Shield, and the Aura Jumper( short range teleportation). It goes without saying that Ramas is completely devoted to Naraka's will.

TAROG( purple dragon)... Tarog the Terrible, Tarog the Toxic

Tarog is an ancient dragon that owes his freedom to Naraka's raid on the Avalon Prison simply known as The Pit. Tarog is clever, sarcastic, and always prefers to have the last say in any matter. He also has an overwhelming desire to horde gold. Naraka's promise to supply him with ample fortunes, plus his breaking him out, lead him to join the Fellowship. Tarog differs from other Western Dragons in that he breathes corrosive and toxic fumes rather than flames, but he is still agile in the air and has a near invulnerable set of scales.

SURTR & YMIR( blue and red man)...

Surtr and Ymir are twin brothers who were both imprisoned in the Pit for attempted murder of Prime Minister Wotan many years before Naraka came and freed them. The two of them have vastly different personalities and magical abilities: Surtr the Fire Giant is calm, collected, and prefers to approach things methodically while Ymir the Frost Giant likes to charge ahead without the slightest figment of a plan. Despite their differences they have a tight bond and both have a penchant for fighting strong foes, which Naraka promised them in the multitude.

YEOMNA( eye on forehead)... Lord of Judgement Yeomna

Yeomna is a mysterious warlock and vigilante crime fighter hailing from the Sun Confederation nation of Il-Lean'deu. He initially wanted to apprehend the Fellowship after the raid on the Pit, but was quickly swayed to join it when he was informed of their end goals. His origin is a mystery to everyone but himself, but what is known is his reputation for vigilante justice throughout the Sun Confederation, where he will kill criminals that he judges to be despicable enough to die. Yeomna is often contemplative and quiet, but will be quick to object to any of the Fellowship's more despicable actions, but he will usually stay quiet when he thinks about the end goal. Yeomna received his powers from an unknown Daemon, but he can shoot blasts of energy from his forehead as well as conjure two undead familiars: Horse-Face and Ox-Head, both of which are essentially immortal and completely subservant to Yeomna
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