OCtober challenge - Day 5 Picture

I'm waaaay behind. But in the good news, I do have a whole stack of sketches waiting for me to finish them and upload.

So this is Mitchell, a vampire.

But of course, because I can never just say "This is a vampire" and not elaborate, I had to define my mythos... as always.
In fact, not one of my vamps is like another, they're all different mythologies lol.


Full name: Mitchell Marion McGuire

Known as: Mitch

Gender: Male

Race: Human (Vampire)

Nationality: English

Place of birth: London, UK

Date of birth: 1963

Date of embrace: 1984

Physical description:

Mitch’s features could best be described as being weasel-like, sharp and narrow, his nose somewhat hooked, his eyes small and his lips thin.

His frame is lean, lithe and athletic, seemingly lacking much in the way of body fat. He stands a fairly average 5'10".

Dry, chalky, ashen skin makes Mitchell look somewhat unwell. His lips seem forever chapped and cracking.
His hair is a dirty blonde colour, pin straight and while naturally fairly thick, it lacks any particular glossy sheen. Mitchell wears his hair in a tieback undercut, a ponytail tied over a mostly shaven head.
His once brown eyes are glassy and dead, the colour appearing to be slowly bleeding out of them. They’re a dull amber around the pupil, gradating to pale grey.

A short but prominent scar runs from the left side of his top lip, another ragged wound cutting across his right temple and into his hairline. Both are the end result of far too many fights in his youth, the former from a split lip and the latter from having his skull cracked open against a curb.
His right hand is horrifically burned, the scars running up to the elbow. These burns don’t seem to have effected his ability to use that hand however, least, not to a point that he can’t conceal it. He’s missing the ring finger on his left hand from the second knuckle up. He’s obviously led a life of violence, a couple of nasty long healed bullet holes scaring his chest along with a deep gash to the gut, defensive knife wounds criss-cross his lower arms, the end result of a few too many fights with rival gangs.

Somewhat surprisingly, Mitchell keeps himself well scrubbed, and thanks to his vampiric nature, will never have to worry about shaving. His good hygiene and cleanliness contrast sharply with his apparent slovenly attitude and wrinkled (but freshly laundered), torn clothing.

Mitchell’s posture is terrible and he doesn’t so much walk but rather slouches from place to place, headphones in his ears and a cigarette in his mouth.


Mitchell lives his life, or at least what passes for life, in a constant state of flux. On one side, he has the front he puts up for the mortals who surround him; an arrogant, thuggish persona that fits well with his general appearance. This is likely the very last remnants of who he was before he was embraced, a slovenly, no-hope youth with an attitude problem. Most people give him a wide berth, which suits him just fine.
He clings to this façade for reasons even he’s not totally certain of. Perhaps he just feels like it’s expected of him, or perhaps it’s his way of clinging to his mortality. In any event, it grants him a temporary release from the burdens of his true self, allowing him to, just for a little while, forget about politics, secrecy and the responsibility that comes with his position.

When hunting for prey, Mitchell lets at least part of the façade drop, adopting a more neutral persona up until the point it becomes necessary to reveal his true intent. Never one for actual seduction, he tends to prey on those nobody will really miss. He doesn’t like to have his mind foggy, so he’ll never target those who are obviously intoxicated. He goes after vagrants, dealers and other low lives, people whose deaths will come as no surprise to anyone. He uses a generic switchblade, shards of glass, the victim’s own weapon even, ensuring difficulty in identifying the killer. Because he leaves no DNA and no fingerprints, he’s like a ghost to the forensics team.

Of course, he would rather not have to kill people, it’s just a hassle to cover up. When he can, he hires streetwalkers; women who wont think much of a little blood play and don’t pass judgement on his inability to perform. Who’d suspect that he was anything other than a bit of a weirdo who liked to pretend he was a vampire? After all, he has no fangs and uses a blade to draw blood, just like a normal mortal might.
Mitchell doesn’t have a particular “type” that he prefers to prey on, male, female, it’s all the same to him. His only preference seems to be toward those who are “clean”, with no contaminants in their system. He takes victims as and when the opportunity arises, unwilling to let himself ever get too hungry.

Around other supernatural, he’s brisk and efficient. He treats his superiors as superiors if only because he’s seen what happens to those who defy them.
In life, he had a reputation for taking himself far too seriously and unfortunately, it’s not something he’s grown out of. His obsession with adhering to the rules leads him to come down a little too hard on minor infractions, remaining detached and calculated even as he passes judgement on those who should be close to him. He’s a man of cold logic and little true compassion, fully comprehending why the mortals can never know what walks amongst them and why his job is so important. Over the years he’s had an almost militant sense of duty beaten into him, mostly by his own sire.

He prefers to be alone, both in work and leisure, which may also explain why he puts up such a rough exterior around mortals. It’s not that he can’t tolerate other people, he just finds little pleasure in idle chatter.

He maintains a zero tolerance policy for other people’s rubbish. While he’s quite content to dish out subterfuge and half-truths, he doesn’t tolerate it well in others. He expects straight answers from people, becoming increasingly frustrated when they don’t prove forthcoming with their information. As far as he’s concerned, his position should grant him a degree of respect, but that seldom seems to happen. The mortals treat him like worthless scum while many of the other vampires seem to forget people like him even exist. His superiors make what he considers unreasonable demands and his underlings irritate him with their incompetence. As a result he tries when he can to avoid the stress that comes from dealing with his own kind. Given his job, this is easier said than done, which may account for a lot of his irritation with the world in general.
There’s a lot of pent up anger seething just below the surface, waiting for someone to make some stupid remark or look at him the wrong way, thankfully, he has enough self control to restrain the urge to beat people to death or run them off the road. He tries as best he can to save his bottled up aggression for those dealers and other lowlifes he preys upon, they act not only as a good meal but as wonderful stress relief.

Vampire traits:

Mitchell is part of an unnamed sub race of vampire. Within this universe, every vampire myth is, in at least some respect, true. There’s a large number of sub breeds, all of whom have different traits. This information only applies to Mitchell’s particular sub breed.

1: Sweat and tears: Vampires can’t sweat, at all. While they may not lose fluid through their skin, much like leaving a bag of water out in the sun, bodily fluids will eventually start to evaporate in the right sort of conditions. First the eyes dry out, then the throat and mouth, moving down through the lungs. It would take a while to completely desiccate a body, but it could be done. Even just a few hours in the blazing sun are likely to do some damage, though naturally, Mitch has never risked staying out long enough to find out just how much damage.
Unlike a human who would just run the risk of sunstroke, a dehydrated vampire may wake blind, unable to make a sound thanks to a damaged and cracking throat and at the worst, unable to even move (Which is pretty much as good as dead to be honest).
In a desperate state, the parched vampire would be unable to resist attacking the first creature they encountered, simply to replenish their fluids.

Despite being unable to sweat, vampire’s eyes can water (their tears are slightly blood tinged) but they cannot cry. They lack the humanity to be moved to tears.

2: Sunlight – Sunlight itself doesn’t harm vampires, at least, it wont cause them to burst into flames or anything quite so dramatic. It’s the heat produced by the sun that leads to problems (see above). The reason the dawn induces such intense exhaustion and eventual catatonia in vampires is uncertain, could they actually stay awake, it likely wouldn’t cause any lasting damage. Unfortunately the urge to sleep is overwhelming and can’t be ignored, even the oldest and most powerful of Mitch’s vampiric brethren struggle to overcome this unusual instinct.

While daylight induces what is essentially a catatonic state, older vampires can delay the effects with a LOT of effort. That said, remaining awake in sunlight is not only draining but rather dangerous. If they don’t get to safety before finally giving in and falling completely into their daylight coma, their body may actually begin to dry out and they’re likely not to wake. Added to that is the very real danger of being mistaken for an actual corpse, and waking up on a dissection table really isn’t fun.
The longest Mitch can fight sleep is around twenty minutes, and this is assuming he’s fed recently. Suffice to say, he doesn’t tend to remain outdoors close to dawn.

3: Cold – If it gets cold enough, on top of the risk of severe frostbite, there is the risk that the vampire’s blood may actually begin to freeze in his veins. Without being able to regulate their body temperature, unless the vampire has recently fed, their movement will start to slow as ice crystals begin to form within their blood stream and muscles begin to seize up. Prolonged exposure to very low temperatures will freeze a vampire solid and while they could always be defrosted, they’d desperately need to replenish their blood supply.

4: Healing – These vampires need to feed to heal. They can also reattach limbs but not regenerate them. Like some macabre puzzle, to do this they’d need to be able to connect the separated pieces (For instance, they’d have to hold a severed hand to the wrist it had been detached from and wait for the healing factor to kick in).
Of course, this only works if the severed part can actually be found and is in a state where it can actually be put back together.
Severed body parts decompose as normal dead flesh, only the head and anything connected to it retain their immortal stasis state.
If flesh still remains, even rotted and decaying flesh, the part can be reattached and healed over time. The process is lengthy and unpleasant, it can take months to full heal and a scar always remains as a reminder of the incident.

The head of this type of vampires seems to contain the spark of life, decapitation leaving the body dead and the head still alive, aware and silently screaming. Unfortunately, without vocal cords and lungs, the vampire cannot speak, their lips move but no sound comes.
Should the head be reunited with the body, the two would knit together into one whole, though only if the head was given blood to aid the process.
In order to definitively kill this type of vampire the head must be destroyed. Usually this is done by burning the head to ash, or even simply by smashing it to pieces. Destruction of the brain appears to be the best way to deal with these sorts of vampires. (Evidently it’s not just zombies that applies to then)

5: Senses: This breed of vampire has no sense of smell and no sense of taste, likely a side effect of their embrace (see Embrace below). Their hearing and sight operate at a lower frequency range to humans, they can’t perceive ultraviolet, making them essentially colour-blind. Purple is perceived as black, blue is often seen as much darker than it really is. The advantage of this is that he can see into the lower end of the spectrum, giving them something akin to heat vision.
Much like their sight, the vampire’s hearing range is shifted down a notch or two. Unable to hear high pitches at all, they can detect those low rumbles and roars that humans simply can’t pick up.

6: Feeding: Mitchell MUST drink blood to survive, not doing so would cause him to weaken and slowly but surely slip into a coma from which he would never wake.
While a vampire could sate his hunger on packaged blood, it lacks any real nutrition and one wouldn’t be able to survive on such a diet indefinitely. It may slow starvation, but prolonged use will eventually kill. There simply isn’t enough sustenance in what is, essentially, dead blood. Similarly, animals seem to lack that certain something that makes human blood so filling. Existing solely on the blood of animals would be much like living your entire life eating only candy. You’d eventually die of severe malnutrition. What it is in human blood that is so appealing to a vampire is uncertain, Mitch has heard several theories over the years, from something to do with the soul and life force, to it being some aspect of their curse. Whatever the reason, Mitch doesn’t particularly care, theology and mythology have never much interested him.

Mitch must feed every week or so, though strenuous activity can increase the frequency. The more active the vampire, the more often they’ll need to feed and the more they’ll need to take to sate their hunger.
That said, these vampires don’t have to kill to feed and in most cases don’t. Mitch does his best to avoid any unnecessary deaths, but accidents do happen.
Because this particular sub breed of vampire lacks fangs, they must resort to man made tools. Many use small pocketknives or switchblades while others use needles. Mitch’s weapon of choice is a flick-knife, favoured because it’s simple, quick and easy to conceal.

Anything in the human victim’s blood stream will affect a vampire, much in the same way it affected the human. So yes, Mitchell can get high and he can get drunk. Some vampires purposely seek out intoxicated mortals, though Mitch can’t quite condone such behaviour. He prefers to keep a clear head, it’s clouded judgement that causes mistakes, and he cleans up enough mistakes every night to know it’s just not worth it.

7: Movement: He can move supernaturally fast and very nearly soundlessly, which leads to the illusion that he can simply appear out of nowhere.

8: Pain: Mitch’s sense of pain has dulled since his embrace, he doesn’t feel things as acutely as he did when mortal. This may be the reason vampires can appear to be not only unnaturally resilient but supernaturally strong. Their strength is nothing beyond human ability, but the inability to feel any real pain allows them to punch harder and more often. What limits most people is the pain threshold, remove this, and there’s a lot the human body is capable of.

9: Reflections and photographs: Mitch shows up twisted and contorted in mirrors and on film. It’s not immediately obvious, a slight blurring around the edges perhaps, an ever so slight vagueness to his form. It’s enough to make the image seem wrong, though working out what’s wrong with it can be tricky.

10: Shadows: His shadow is darker than it should be and it doesn’t seem to quite follow Mitchell as he moves. The two do not move in unison, instead there’s a delay of only a fraction of a second as Mitch moves and his shadow catches up.

11: Animals: Animals react much as would be expected around a higher order predator. Prey animals flee while fellow predators behave submissively and try to stay out of the way. In any event, animals avoid Mitchell as best they can.

12: Holy symbols: True faith works, though it’s a rare commodity these days. Holy symbols of any sort, so long as one who truly believes wields them, will repel a vampire. While he won’t burn, religious symbols do seem to trigger some primitive fear response in Mitchell, causing him to flee against all will. Prayer and holy water work in the same way, though again, only if used by one who believes.
On a similar note, vampires cannot enter consecrated ground. Their path seems inexplicably barred, not by an unseen force but by their own body’s refusal to respond to the command to “walk forward”

13: Garlic: Garlic has no effect at all, these vampires have no sense of smell after all.

14: Crossing the threshold: While these vampires can cross running water, unfortunately they cannot cross the threshold of a mortal’s home without first being invited.
It’s not like there’s an invisible wall, nor does any ill effect befall them should they cross. Much like their reaction to consecrated ground, they simply seem unable to physically move across the threshold, as if their mind and body will not co-operate with one another.
This only applies to the homes of mortals and only applies the first time. Once a vampire has been invited inside once, he can enter that home whenever it pleases… up until the point ownership changes hands of course. If pushed across the threshold by another, like the rest of his kin, Mitch will feel the overwhelming urge to flee and will, if he can, do so.

15: Salt: Much like crossing a threshold, these vampires cannot cross a line of pure salt. Why? Mitchell cannot say, all he knows is his body won’t do it.

16: Native soil: Due to some strange compulsion, Mitch feels the need to not only sleep with at least a pinch of his native (that is, English) soil beneath him, but to carry it around with him at all times. His coat pockets contain traces of silt and dust, at some point they were likely filled completely.

17: Stakes: A stake through the heart paralyses a vampire, sending them into a comatose state until it’s removed.

18: Burning: To destroy a vampire with fire, the body would need to be burned to cinder. Fire damage can be healed, though it takes a massive amount of energy and blood to do so. It still leaves scars no matter what, something Mitch knows all too well.

19: Embrace: Transfusion method. The vampire drains the victim almost to death, then feeds them their blood back, now tainted by the vampire’s system. This then triggers a purge of the victim’s entire digestive system. Not just food, but bile and digestive fluid is brought up, burning the entire way. It’s likely this damage to the tongue and oesophagus, which in time will scar over, that leads to the loss of all sense of taste and smell. Once this is done, the heart rate plummets (beating approximately once every ten minutes, the blood does after all, have to be circulated somehow) and body temperature begins to drop (While Mitch isn’t cold to the touch, he is cool, his body unable to produce its own heat). Organs begin to shut down, leaving only the brain and heart fully operational. While the body will still produce saliva and tear film (the stuff that keeps your eyes moist) digestion is obsolete and there’s no longer any need to actually filter blood. Sweat glands cease functioning (leading to the characteristic dry, chalky skin), growth stops (including hair and nail growth), hormone production stalls and the nervous system is dulled significantly. The respiratory system remains functional, but unessential. In order to actually SPEAK, the vampire must take breath into their lungs, they just don’t need to actually breathe.

I had a little too much fun with vampire mythos here, I got sick of overpowered daywalking vampires and wanted a change of pace, a creature who really did have all those somewhat crippling compulsions most rpers tend to ignore.
Also, the idea of a vampire popsicle amused me a great deal.
But despite being my most underpowered Vampire, I think Mitch is my fave. Maybe it's because he's underpowered, I dunno.
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