Rocktopus (Statistics in Description) Picture

Rocktopus is extremely tough and a rare Villain the Guardians of Chromiah had ever faced. 4 years later after the Guardians of Chromiah defeated Rocktopus, he came back to life and betrayed his monster jockey, Rocktor, after he betrayed Rocktor, he was wondering all over the universe, he broke his body in to rocky chunks and the chunks flew together at the same time (that's how he flies in space), and 3 years later of wondering in space, he discovered some kind of a planet, he went to that planet, as he landed, Rocktopus' body is put back together. 7 minutes later of exploring the planet, he discovered a large crystal, he went to pick up the crystal to study it it, however, it's not "just" a large crystal, it's a large crystal of Neo Robia, it flashed bright green as a sun and it put Rocktopus in a trance, it also transformed Rocktopus' skin into molten green rock. then he went digging his way underground to the surface where Croc's base is so Croc can make Rocktopus his minion and his secret weapon.

Statistics of Rocktopus:

Attacks: Rock Slam, Lava Vision (Heat Vision), Statue Disguise, Stone Smash, Bomb Rockets, Flying chunks, Roctopus breaks himself into chunks of rock in order to fly, his chunks traveled together at the same time)

Special Attacks: Major Earthquake, MegaFault

Power Up Contained inside Roctopus: Hammer made of Bedrock

Type/Element: Earth

Strength: (MIN)||||||||||||||||||||||||.........(MAX)

Health: 15,000

Height: 600,000 ft

Difficulty: Hard
Continue Reading: Sun