The legend of The Yukana Power. Picture

In 1642 Japan, powerful samurai, "Yukana Yoshinaga" was once best friends with, "Koichi Kodoma" until a beautiful woman, "Yukiko Hase" came into their lives. They wanted her to marry one of them. There Yukana found an ancient spell book in his library and casted spells on his family heirlooms. Yukiko chose Yukana because of his heart, which made Koichi disappeared in the forests of Edo. Yukana casted another spell that made all the weapons hide all over Japan.

Here's the list of the weapons.

Blade of Yoshinaga- Boi's signature weapon(Boi's signature weapon)

Fans of Fury- Ming Tang's Signature weapon(Ming Tang's signature weapon.)

Tsunami Nunchucks- Farrah's signature weapon(Farrah's signature weapon)

Kyoto Sais- River's signature weapon(Named after Kyoto, the capital before Tokyo.)(River's signature weapon)

Flute of danssen- Make people dance uncontroably(Named after The CaramelDanssen music video.)

Toriyama ring- Shoots lightning

Amulet of the rising sun- Shoots fire(Fireant's signature weapon.)

Genji Ring- can make person fall in love with first thing it sees(Named after the book, "The Tale of Genji".)

Kanagawa crystal- Shoots water(Named after The Wave of Kanagawa painting)

Yatagarasu wings- make user fly(Named after the Japanese mythical bird, "Yatagarasu")(Ami's signature weapon.)

Octobraclet- Can make person into an octopus monster

Perseus Ring- can make user invisible(Named after Perseus from Greek Mythology)

Oni Eye- Can make fears come to life(Named after the Japanese devil.)

Bamboo Stretcher- Can make user stretch.

Takeuchi Tiara- Can control the phases of the moon.(Named after Naoko Takeuchi)

Tiger Armor- Powerful armor.

Tanuki Mask- can change appearance.(Named after the shape shifting raccoon.)(Locust's signature weapon)

De Leon Crown- Can bring objects to life.(Named after Ponce De Leon)

Oracle Helmet- Can see into the future.

Crane Jet- Jet like vehicle.

Cosmic Crystal- Travel at speed of light.

Tajiri Dubber- Talk to animals.(Named after The creator of Pokémon, "Satoshi Tajiri".)

Kitsune Braclet- Can turn user into a fox creature.(Named after Kitsune-Tsuki, the fox spirit.)

Nightcrawler Boots- Can Teleport user.(Named after Nightcrawler from The X Men.)

Suitchi Pendant- Make user switch bodies with opponent.

Ningyo Pearl- Turn user into a mermaid(Only works on girls).

Cobra Fangs- Can create portals to different locations.

Ninja Spear- Go through solid objects.

Falcon Specs- Can make user see things far away.

Jrorogumo hand- can shoot spider web.(Named after the Japanese spider, "Joroguno".)

Shikibu Scanner- Can translate anything(Named after Murasaki Shikibu)

Niji Ring- Can change colors.

Yuki-Onna Locket- Can freeze objects.(Named after the Japanese snow lady.)

Blossom Shrinker- Can shrink person into the size of a Cherry Blossom Petal.

Fuji Flame- Can make person act goofy.(Named after MtFuji)

Blue Scarab- Drilling Vehicle.

Bear Rider- Jungle Vehicle.

Pagota Getas- Stretch legs for miles.

Shark Sphere- Make an invisible sphere.

Amnesia Aurora- Erases enemies memories.

Hatsune Projector- Can project holograms.(Named after the Japanese hologram, "Hatsune Miku")

Goliath Gloves- Make the user super strong.(Named after the strongman.)

Otani Dagger- Turn into Electricity.(Named after Ikue Otani, the voice of Pikachu from Pokémon.)

Bat's Head- Can make opponent's blind.

Mouse Ears- Make user have sonic hearing.

Morita Scarf- Can heal wounds in a second.(Named after Pat Morita.)

Tengu Collar- Can turn the user into it's hidden animal.(Named after the Japanese creature.)

Eagle Helmet- Can turn it's user into a tornado.

Tiger Whip- A whip/Lasso object.

Chouchou Wings- Can give person butterfly wings.

Silver Koi- Submarine vehicle.

Switcheroo Wand- Reverse things.

Shark Helmet- Control weather.

Bonsai Box- Can control plants.

Ruby Hammer- Fixes things instantly.

Spider Smasher- Releases an army of spiders.

Shogun's Helmet- Can read minds.

Telebaton- Levitate objects.

Bracelet of Pain- Any pain the user gets goes to whoever they choose.(Inspired by Jimmy Neutron's Pain Pain Go Away.)

Titan Kamas- Cut through rough objects.

Suripu Burowa- Can make a person fall asleep.

Yurei Staff- Summon Ghost(Named after Japanese ghost)

Hachiko Hand- Turn user into a were wolf(Named after the dog, "Hachiko")

Bakeneko Ring- Turn user into a cat creature.(Named after the Japanese "Bkeneko")

White Cobra- The most Dangerout Yukana weapon, it can turn it's victims into zombies. Only, salt water can stop it.

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