Path of Tech (Techtron Titan) Picture

Name: Path of Tech

Affiliation: Techtron Titan, Leader of Oghma Infinium, "Metal Mutilator" Formerly Metal Miracle

Background: Before Cell 2.0... Dr. Zero had some good intents and created this robot which he called the "Metal Miracle", so on King Kai's planet while Beerus was present he wanted to test it's strength. He wanted it to protect the entire universe. the universe has all sorts of strong enemies, so he challenged the most powerful thing he could think of: a god. So the Metal Miracle fought beerus and was of course, it was vanquished by Beerus, Expectant, Dr Zero thanks him for his time and Beerus said to him with complete spite "Do not waste my time with trivial trinkets... I've came here only to search for the Super Saiyan god..." Humiliated and Frustrated, Dr Zero grew a great hatred towards Beerus and gods generally, he said angrily "Beerus shall suffer fatal consequences!" so he tried to re operate the Metal Miracle and it failed... so he created Cell 2.0 to compensate for his previous failure. only to be killed by his creation, Cell 2.0 said it's final words to the Metal Miracle before leaving "My Big brother, I wish you prosperity and peace and I hope that you come back soon" 2 decades pass and the Metal Miracle twitches and suddenly starts to function again, apparently it has a memory card that listened to his last word... ever since the Metal Miracle became the Metal Mutilator and upgraded itself overtime. He is the reason why the other Paths want to kill gods... He is their leader because he's actually the most intelligent. it became the Metal Mutilator because he would Mutilate his opponents with his vast arsenal and became the Techtron Titan since it's capable of killing gods

Powers and Abilities:

Scan: practically a built in scouter, The Path of Tech can identify almost anything and anything's power level/history, and etc. like all paths it can give it's abilities to others

Mimicry: The Path of Tech can Mimic anything, it can shapeshift, it can mimic voices, sounds/ etc and add it to it's data base

Overide: The Path of Tech can hack into anything, control all machines, robots and etc. and also has the ability to control minds, It can also take the body of what it's controlling

Adamantium- His body is made of a very strong metal that its practically invincible, but due to his upgrades It IS invincible, It can stand on the sun, it can take radiation, and it can rebuild itself (like meta cooler)

Dexterity: The Path of Tech can build anything buildings, cities, planets, robots,

Obliterator: The Path of Tech shoots a beam that can Disintegrate anything and anyone (also the name of all the Paths fused together
Can be shot from anywhere (eye, mouth, forhead, chest, etc)

Immunity: Due to it's upgrades... The Path of Tech cannot be shut down unless by it's creator, and it's immune to Magnetic, water, and electric attacks

Arsenal: The Path Of Tech has a vast arsenal such as homing nuclear missles, Gatling guns, shoulder cannons, Freeze rays, Time traveling device, and all sorts of weapons and gizmos.

Likes: Robots, Majins, Paths, All Races, Killing Gods, Making Gods suffer, Cell 2.0, Geezer, helping the weak, Followers

Dislikes/Hates: Beerus, Gods, Superficial and super natural beings, Mythological creatures, People worshiping him, People Kneeling to him

Personality: Cold, Sinister, Hostile, Aggressive, Lifeless, Robotic, Apathetic, Intelligent, Patient, Spiteful, Clever, Deceptive, and Passionate

Quote:" What is so challenging to comprehend the existence of "superior tech?" do these ignorant and arrogant beings known as Gods feel that they're better than everyone else? Gods are nothing more than Grotesque ,Outrageous, "Deities" that are nothing more than Superficial Scatterbrains! We've created all sorts of wondrous miracles! Gods weren't one of those things... Gods are nothing more than constructs of Mortal Perception, an illusion created by their "creator"... And it is my job to rectify these Shams..."

*When talking to Whis's Potential Kids*
"Your uncle has insulted and embarrassed my creator, I am simply returning the favor by making him suffer for his actions!*

Dream/Goal: To Kill Beerus, and expunge Gods and other"god-like" creatures

Relationships/Interactions: (Skull= To Be Dead/Target, Cracked Skull= Crucial Target, Crossbones= Eliminated, X=Hostage or potential Hostage)
-Cell 2.0 (Younger Brother)
-Paths (Allies/Friends)
-Dr. Zero (Creator of "Father")
-Lupis Lozuli (Skull)
-Beerus(Cracked Skull)
-South Supreme Kai (Crossbones due to Kid Buu)
-West Supreme Kai (Crossbones due to Kid Buu)
- North Supreme Kai (Crossbones due to Kid Buu)
-Grand Supreme Kai (Crossobones due to Kid Buu)
-Whis (Skull)
-Venus (X)
-Orion (X)
-Majin Buu (Source of Inspiration)
-Raikkuyo (Future Controller of this path and other paths)
-Brisk (Potential Wielder because of Raikkuyo might give it him)
-Rufus (Fellow leader/Ally and equal)
-Boshy and Dark Boshy (Ally and member
-Geezer (Former leader of The Council, Protector of "the lab" And host if he gets destroyed)

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