TC Muto bio/ref sheet Picture

Full Name: TC Muto

Race: Human

Age: 18

Height: 6 ft

Weight: 170 pounds

Sex: Male

Gender: heterosexual

Job: Inactive S.N.A.S.T Agent. Currently jobless and wonders around doing odd jobs for people, but he is currently staying with his cousin at the Crescent Sanctuary Gated Community. He also acts as a freelance Treasure Hunter for museums or S.N.A.S.T (if they ask), but will not accept jobs from private collectors. He will also preform missions for S.N.A.S.T because if they're bringing him out of his inactivity for something it is usually important.

Ability: Omega-Helix Amulet 


Fighting Style: He Uses Hand to Hand combat mixed with the natural abilities of what ever form he is in, tries to throw his opponents off in battle with either a sudden transformation or a snide comment. Although if TC is unable to transform he uses his mixed martial arts training to control the battle. TC excels at using pressure points, leg sweeps, and open palm punches to his advantage and he can land clean hits on his target. On a side note besides having some training TC will use cheap tactics to win in unofficial fights. For example he will throw sand/dirt in his opponent's face or hit them where the sun don't shine, and will curb stop his opponent if given the chance.

Personality: He is a pretty nice guy who prefers to hang out with his friends, but he can get worked up with stress pretty easily but is normally quick to cool down. His fighting style changes depending on which form he is using, and he usually taunts his opponent and tends to show his foes mercy while fighting them. The only way to actually incur his anger during a fight is to try to hurt or kill one of his friends or family members or insult someone who he was close to in the past, but if this happen he will show no mercy and becomes a living nightmare to fight. He also doesn't like to talk about his past with people unless they have gained his trust. He HATES his old teammate Amalgam for his betrayal of their squad. Has a curiosity streak and is fascinated by the unknown. TC also knows a lot of old sayings and has gathered some enlightenment.

TC's personality almost does a complete 180 when he is hunting down Amalgam. When TC is doing this he becomes cold, disconnected, merciless, focused, and completely serious. During TC's fights with Amalgam he doesn't joke around, he doesn't taunt, and he aims for lethal blows, but TC knows his attacks won't kill Amalgam. TC will never forgive Amalgam for what he did, and TC holds the belief that not everyone deserves a second chance. TC also becomes somewhat judgemental of others when he sees them taking risks that could cost them dearly.

Likes: His Family (what is left of them anyway), his friends, history, Zoology, Cryptozoology, treasure hunting, puzzles, mythology, exploring ancient ruins, Studying magic.

Dislikes: Fighting ectolasmic entities due to them following their own rules of physics, and when someone threatens his friends or family, and Amalgam.

Back Story: TC used to explore old ruins and mysterious areas in general, looking for any new discoveries to make. This was before he gained the omega-helix, and because of how dangerous his job was he did carry a hand gun with him at all times. This changed when he was exploring the ruins of a sunken city, when he came across a strange sapphire amulet with an hour glass pattern marked into it. TC did what any one would do he picked up the amulet and placed it in a bag for cataloging. Once TC was done exploring he went back to his ship to examine his finds. While he was cleaning up the amulet in his room below the deck, he heard something or someone moving around the ship. As TC went to reach for his gun (assuming whoever came aboard his ship without permission was either a pirate or an other treasure hunter looking for an easy pay day) the ship's power supply went dead and the door was being forced open by a figure in all black. TC reacting first shot at the figure still having trouble opening the door due to it magnetic locks having a separate power source from the rest of the ship. In the confusion the figure jumped back away from the door giving TC enough time to grab the amulet and place it around his neck for safe keeping. Just after he put it on a blast of pink electricity knocked the door down and shot TC's gun right out of his hands. TC looked at the door way to see three figures in total and after a brief scuffle TC is dragged topside where the figures attempt to remove the amulet but fail. This forces them to take TC back to their organization where everything about what had happened was explained. the three figures introduce themselves and convince TC to join their organization known as S.N.A.S.T. which stands Super Natural Attack Surveillance Team. What happens during his time at is classified information.

I am Currently using him in my story called Helix Amulet

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