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Took me forever, but it was long overdue. Decided to re-do a few character ref sheets because they were mostly rushed.

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Her facial structure is somewhat based off of a lynx, but she's got big cat features as well. Her muzzle is small like that of a lynx and she has larger eyes like them, but she has a wide nose which is more characteristic of big cats.

She has symmetrical markings, so both sides look the same.

When in FeliDae form, she normally doesn't have her necklace. I usually draw her with her lantern instead. Ess always wears the necklace in her human form, or at the very least, has it on her person.

Her ear tufts are soft, fluffy sections of fur; some people mistake them for flames.

All FeliDae have no whiskers anywhere on their body. Ess is no exception to this rule.


Name: Ess
Sex: Female
Zodiac: Wood Rat, Snake ( NA ), and Scorpio
Tarot: The Tower, The Chariot ( Balance )
Colors: Blue, Green and Gold
Elements: Earth and Water
Magic: Earth, Nature, Spirit, Light, Darkness
Birthstone: Topaz/Citrine, Tiger's Eye
Flowers: Lily, African violet, lily of the valley, Chrysanthemum ( Birth flower )
Species: Northern Woodland FeliDae/Grand FeliDeus
Diet: Omnivore ( leans more towards meat; will eat greens, dig up vegetables and sometimes eats fruits )
Associated With: Balance ( dark/light, ), Healing, Protection, Hidden Knowledge/Secrets, Duality, Intuitiveness, Clairvoyance ( through dreams only )

Markings: Orange, green, and blue markings are considered "scars" by some FeliDae, due to their unusual/unnatural color. They are marks from the gods, signalling to others that these creatures are dangerous in some way. The more "marks" a FeliDae has, the more dangerous they are. Each unnatural color symbolizes a different warning. Some are telling others that they're soul takers and to be aware; others warn of powerful magic; some warn of the physically strong. Some of the marks can "bleed through" in other forms ( Iraira's hair when Kalare's spirit was with her, for example ). Ess has the most at 12. Each colored marking is counted towards this number. The wing eyespots count as four marks, since there are two colors in each one.

Wings: Wings are designed in a way to reflect my closeness to butterflies IRL; I used to get dive-bombed by butterflies as a child; I wasn't sure why they kept flying at me, but it freaked me out. Now, I encourage them to land on me, and instead of Monarchs like years ago, now I have Red Admirals that regularly return every year to visit. They love to perch on my legs for some reason.
Ess' wings have a long swallowtail-like feather that is a secondary feather which grows over her normal secondaries. It's longer, softer, and isn't for flight. There are two smaller feathers that come out of either side of that feather, and they're also for looks and don't serve any flight purposes.
The eyespots are another nod to butterflies. Her eyespots face in opposite directions, symbolizing balance.
Ess does have Axillaries and Scapulars. Their colors follow the wing colors themselves, staring at the top; Grey ( Lesser Coverts ) > Light Grey ( Median Coverts ) > White for the primary/secondary feathers and Alula. Feathers get lighter gradually as you go towards the primaries and secondaries.

Height: Considered small by FeliDae standards; she's around 9' tall--most FeliDae average around 12'-14', but they CAN become larger, depending upon how many souls they have in their possession. Ess does use souls in that sort of way, so her size varies at times.

Necklace: Ess wears this all the time in human form, or she has it on her person somewhere, seen or not. The largest, diamond-shaped beads are fragments of her soul. She had gotten into a fierce battle and her soul was torn apart as a result. She had to set out to find the pieces after a terrible loss. When she did, she found she couldn't put it her soul back together completely. She resorted to placing each fragment into those three beads, keeping them close to her until she can find a way to fix it.

Abilities: Like most feline demons, she can speak through the air or minds of others.
Has power over the earth, and can break apart the ground and fling it in large chunks, along with manipulating metals.

She is known for being a rather good healer.

Can talk to spirits, and use them in battle, like all FeliDae. What do souls talk about, you ask? For the most part, Ess likes to ask them if they're a shared soul, or if they only led one life. She asks them all sorts of things about their past, what kind of life they led, etc. Sometimes she helps souls find other souls through this method, though it can take many lifetimes to help reunite old friends or family members from pasts long ago. FeliDae believe that souls who are connected are quite powerful, so they find it a worthy task to reconnect souls.

"The thread is their pact, the bead is their prison." is a common saying among FeliDae, and souls caught up in soul beads and thread end up having to listen to a master. Ess can capture and release souls, making pacts and bargains with those who have nothing left to lose. Damned/punished souls she keeps, using them for her own means. It's unclear how one ends up with souls that have done evil deeds in the past; some say they wanted until they're unfortunately caught or bartered with by a demon.

Some call her the "Guide of the Stars" because of this. Some FeliDae refer to souls as stars, due to how they appear.

She can also use the powers of darkness and light to hide herself or to blind enemies if she needs to make a quick escape.

Is usually quiet, calm, polite to strangers and approachable. Mostly introverted; keeps to herself.
Though rare, she is prone to nasty outbursts and a temper to match.
Can be hard on herself, which leads her into despair-filled spirals at times.
Prone to anxiety, which causes her to pick at her wings and pull feathers out.
Ess can get jealous and this can make her dislike others for petty/shallow reasons.
She can be a bit manipulative if she wants something, usually for selfish gain.
On the other hand, she's stubborn, devoted to those closest to her and a hard worker.
She's a loyal friend and a powerful ally.
Usually thinks of others before herself, especially when it comes to souls.

When around friends or familiar souls, she's much more cheerful and open. When around strangers, she's more guarded and doesn't say as much, but is usually up for small talk, or offers a greeting.

When alone, her mind usually wanders, or she daydreams. She feels at peace the most when outside, surrounded by nature.

Ess loves making trades with humans in exchange for a piece of her gem collection. She favors food or trinkets in particular.

She's an omnivore, though FeliDae don't need to eat to sustain themselves, due to being demons.

Her favorite times of the year are Autumn and Spring. Enjoys storms, mainly out of respect for their power and beauty.

When threatened, she will try to scare away the threat by displaying the eyespots on her wings. Sometimes she paws at the ground while she does this, and may or may not snort/growl to try and frighten the enemy away. If that doesn't work, she will attack by any means, be it with claws or fangs, or with magic. Normally souls are a last resort, but sometimes she lets them out of her lantern to have a little "play time". Souls make for a great scare tactic, and many times she's used them, foes flee in terror.

One day I'll draw her magic array. I have to find my old notes on that first. Her main element is Earth, and the 2nd circles are Sun and Moon, the third ring containing Spirit, Darkness and Light.

She likes jewels and natural gems. She has a tendency to bury them in the ground, which is a nod to lynx symbolism/mythology. Also like the lynx, she tends to be a keeper of secrets. She's also fond of flowers, and is attracted more to their colors than their scent.
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