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An idea i came up with after being hit by a car a 2nd time in the same year and surviving. If you un-roll a dice, the shape is a cross. It made me think that most people think there one is morally correct over the other, religion(faith) and gambling( fate); but in reality, personal beliefs aside, they are both the same(with all the countless variables in the world; everyday we wake up is a gamble for life or death).

If you throw a dice, even though you physically chose to put the dice in motion, it is impossible to control the outcome. Most people pray,, but in the end, you only have that minimal influence of desire..or hope.
In the end, you CANT 100% control everything, no matter how much you believe(in yourself, god, or the world); luck is the same.

The wires coming down and the power button (on the bottom) are because i work with technology, but don't really like it; its just something that comes easy and has become apart of my life. I've tried to separate myself from technology several times in my life, ive been a street magician, chef, teacher, martial artist(fighter and instructor), etc....but it seem like technology just ends up being attached to me/ or maybe im attached to it??

the wings are because out of all the failure ive had in my life, ive continued to attempt new things, and just re-try; i feel like icarus flying to close to the sun, but also refusing to fly to low to the sea. Being pushed higher than he can go for the time, within reach of his goal, the sun; i fall right back down to earth, to the sea which i was avoiding the whole time.

Hubris may have been his downfall; But the pride i have in myself isnt selfish or self indulgent; I feel pride in myself because i know the people around me can benefit from my success, my hard work, and at times pull strength when they feel low

So while i may not be exactly as icarus, that is the one part that i will always contrast the greek myth.

*added note*
for those who have noticed, the "one" or "snake eye" is a triangle. this represents the style of martial arts that i train and teach. ive based a lot of my life around it. The triangle or number 3 is the general concept, and our main symbol. ive tattooed the symbol on my body because it is a type of oral tradition and only exists as long as people continue to carry it on. it has held my life together, and randomly saved others. that is why it is the center point of this design, thus so important that it would be apart of two permanent modifications to my body.

(the original symbol is tattooed on my right arm, if anyoen wants to see it, just pm me andill msg you a quick image)

do what you want with the image, but if you use it for a tattoo design or basis for one, just let me know, or comment below and link your variation.
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