Mutants of Egypt Picture

Left - Ariana Bennu
Ariana was obsessed with the pheonix. The beautiful flame engulfed bird was all she had interest in. Upon meeting a man called Marcus Kebos (right) she was informed that if she wore the phoenix headgear and attrieved he Ancient Fire Element Stone, she would be able to have the powers of the bird herself. She believed him and after working with him, she found the stone. She gained the ability to fly and control and turn into fire, however her headgear is unable to be removed. She's spotted flying above the deserts of Egypt when the sun shines brightest. Engulfing her victims who get lost in flames.

Right - Marcus Kebos
Inspired by Sobek, the deification of crocodiles, Marcus donned a Crocodile helmet and set search for the Ancient Water Element Stone which would allow him to gain the abilities of Sobek. After meeting Ariana and 4years of searching, Marcus found the stone but his headgear became his actual head. Now with a crocodile head and complete control of water, Marcus can be found lurking in the Nile. Killing and feasting on innocent Egyptians.
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