Aker Picture

In the lands of North-Eastern Africa, one can find a rare majestic creature called the “Aker”. Its appearance shows characteristics of various big cats. Primarily one can recognize the mane of the lion, the dots and the slight shape of the hunting-leopard and the stripes of the tiger.

Being a majestic creature as I mentioned before, it seems to be impossible to find the Aker doing anything but sitting in a regal pose, turning its back to the sun. During my research, I was not able to find out anything else about the behavior of this species – as it is very hard to find them at all and then they only appear alone.

The local people seem to be so fascinated by the behavior of this creature that they started worshipping it as a god. The legend goes that there are only two Akers existing at all and that they are guarding the horizon, one on each side.

No one was actually able to explain to me how it was even possible to guard a phenomenon of perspective but they may be right about the amount of existing Akers as I only managed to find one.

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