The Creation of Ami and Depo, page 8 Picture

Oh noes, the humans!

Page 8:

This made Ami rejoice, knowing that their souls could go places, even after death.

After being calmed by Depo, Ami powered her love into creating a new Order. In this Order, Ami used small pieces of her soul with parts of Chaos to create Humans.

Ami places the Humans on Earth, to enjoy her Orders. Then, Ami went back to the Sun to rest.

Depo watched over the Humans as Ami rested. They enjoyed Ami’s gifts. However, the Humans grew sick from disease and died.

When Ami awoke, Depo told her about the Humans. Ami wept, and as her tears struck the Earth, Animals emerged from the tears and roamed the Earth. All Animals that were lower than Humans were born this way.

While Ami cried, Depo took the first Humans and judged them as good. He sent their souls into stars.

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