Wilhelm Mandragoreus Picture

From my sketchbook:
This is Wilhelm Mattoni, after becoming the Mandragoreus of Huehueyolcatl Kukulcan, the Feathered Serpent. On this occasion (set to happen around late 2015), he was fighting with Tempo, the elemental god of space, above Cipactli's Huey Xochitl, to prevent the god from trapping the beast he just had freed years ago. Trapping the god's robotic body instead, he caused much devastation on the Chronpuchian civilization, and from then, he rode atop Kukulcan towards his home planet -Tredius, where he swore to bring its civilization, the 'globallized United Nations', to its knees.

Besides the power of his mandragora, he also is capable of transforming himself into a Jungle Vovin, he has the sun powers of Tonatiuh and the Nemontemi Stone (here, transformed into an armor, on his left arm).
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