Sandpuppies! Picture

I present to you an original creation of mine (Hopefully no one else thought of this) - SANDPUPPIES (a.k.a Sandpups or Mummypuppy). They are essentially mummified puppies that are meant to accompany the dead of Egyptians as they live in the afterlife.

The top left is the Anubis (affectionately referred to as Anu) breed. They are patrons and guards for generals in the Alternate Universe Egypt (AUE). Their personality is serious and tough but deep down they are soft. They often will pretend that they don't like you but they actually do.

The top right is the Sekhmet breed. Although named after the Goddess of War, the Sekhmets are very fun loving dogs that are buried alongside children. They are loud, annoying and energetic.

The bottom left is the Thoth breed. Patrons to only the most highest of ministers and scholars. They are cunning but physically weak. They enjoy knowledge and are disgusted by ignorance (They are a bit snobbish).

The bottom right is the Ra Breed. In the AUE, there are only 1 of these per Pharaoh. The orb atop their head is a symbol for the sun but also the egg for its next of kin. When the pharaoh (it's only master) dies, the egg falls off and hatches when the new Pharaoh ascends to power. The Ra's have extreme caste issues and hate mixing with other breeds. They are often seen as a god to the other breeds. Their sole purpose is to guard the pharaoh and play with them throughout the eternities of the afterlife.

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