Piper and Marcy Picture

The two girl demigods in my story.

Piper Allan, daughter of Hecate/Hekate.
She's got wild, bushy, red hair and gray eyes. The power in her divine genes is vitakinesis, also known as the ability to heal. She's very level-headed and quiet. Because she has dyslexia and dyslexic dysgraphia, she has trouble reading and writing, and usually presents written assignments orally to the teacher after class.

Marcy DelMar, daughter of Helios.
She's the "pretty one" with sleek blonde hair. She's been friends with Piper since they started at the new prep school five years earlier. Her power is pyrokinesis, the ability to control fire. Marcy has a very short temper and is irritated easily.

*Helios is technically a Titan, but most Titans became lesser gods of some kind when Zeus took over. Helios eventually became the Sun-god, but is often confused with Apollo.*

**Sorry about the crappy picture quality. I'm limited to using my iPod for pictures right now...**
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