Kito Esh'ban Picture

Been a while since I drew one of my Sharans. Decided to redesign them a little.

For those not familiar with the species Sharans are an alien race that evolved from a type of striped desert rat. Whilst they are approximately equal to humans on a civilisational-stance (although far more peaceful and less destructive) as far as evolutionary scales go I would say they're about equal to Australopithecus (sp?) hence explaining why they are still largely rat in appearance.

Sharans are an underground dwelling species living in subterannian towns and cities sculpted from the earth amongst the roots of the only plant-life that exists on the surface of their desert world. A particularly hardy leafless tree that survives on nutrients from underground reservoirs. These reservoirs also sustain Sharan life allowing them to irigate the dry soil and grow crops.

Sharans are equipped with huge mole-like digging claws for front-limbs and legs somewhat like a kangaroo at the back (at least as far as jumping ability goes). They are excellent diggers and climbers. They are also good at surviving the harshest of arid climes.

However Sharans have a number of weaknesses. The most primary is the one that ironically ensures their survival on their own world. Sharan fur is super absorbant allowing them to absorb moisture from the atmosphere. Due to the surface being so arid, and thus low in oxygen this means generally they don't spend a lot of time up top, or they begin to dry out and get sick. This works to the other extreme too. If they go somewhere too wet or cold their bodies instantly absorb the climate which can result in them dying of a form of pneumonia peculiar to their species in which their fur turns bright white and slowly drops out and their organs collapse one by one in an agonisingly painful and bloody death. For this reason most Sharans are hydrophobic.

The absorbancy issue also arises during swimming or bathing, if they were to accidentally fall into one of their underground reservoirs, even if the water were warm it would kill them because they would naturally absorb the water like a sponge, become too heavy and thus unable to surface and drown.

Sharans trade in Oxygen therefore so that they can go to the surface as well as a variety of technology and other goods that will ward off the cold when going off-planet to water-based worlds (i.e. Hastha and Utthara) or Ice worlds (Krithika, Jestar, Rohini etc.)

Sharans are a female dominated society, but not in the same way as drow. Females are just simply bigger and smarter than males and thus are concidered better suited to the roles of leadership. This is also partially to do with Sharan Mythology which bases around the solar system's twin suns named Akewa and Beiwe in the Sharan tongue. To the Sharans Akewa and Beiwe are twin goddesses. Akewa the Golden of the Healing Light, a peaceful fertile mother goddess who bore Shara and all the good planets in her womb before the dawn of creation and Beiwe the Bloody, Queen of Pestilence, a flame-haired monstrosity who killed her sister and rose the evil worlds from the stream of her blood. Matching this myth Shara has only two seasons. The season of Akewa (Mar-Aug by our calendar) where crops grow abundantly, fertility is at its peak and the Sharan life is exceptionally good, and then the Night of Blood a festival commemorating Akewa's tragic death marks the beginning of the season of Beiwe (Sep-Feb) where the planets heat becomes stiffling and oxygen is at its lowest, crops wither and die, sickness and death rate peaks and pestilence halves the population.

The average Sharan male is about 5ft tall. They do not grow beyond this. The average female at least a foot taller at 6ft and beyond. Colour of fur varies but usually matches the hair-colour, although brown-furred Sharans with blond hair have been known. Typical fur colours are brown or silver. Red are more rare. Mutant black sharans also exist but in far more scarce supply. Black Sharans obviously do not possess stripes. They are also much bigger than their cousins and more aggressive.

Black Sharans usually make up part of the worlds only law-enforcing team 'The Sharan Sentinels'. They are the closest thing to an army/police-force on the world as well as making most off-world trade trips and negociations with neighbouring planets.

Captain of the Sharan Sentinels, Nimajiida Talayea is incidentally Kito's grandmother on his father's side, although she is deceased now, killed in battle against the evil Celesians who started the 'War of the Suns' a few years back and massacred the majority of the Sharan race save a handful of rebels on the moon Baskoro.

Kito's father has joined the Sentinels in her place and is leading the rebel battle against the Celesians. He and Kito's mother live on Baskoro but have sent Kito to attend school on a parralel-version of Earth.

Kito himself is a small, somewhat timid Sharan. 13 years of age by human reckoning, he is not a pureblood Sharan, his mother being of humanoid heritage. For this reason he has a slightly flatter snout than the average Sharan and blue eyes instead of the usual dark liquid brown with no whites. Although usually shy he is definately a Sentinel by blood and if negociating peacefully isn't working he will fight valiantly for what he believes in.

Kito has an elder sister Nyela who has hardly any Sharan traits save a tail, taking after her humanoid mother more. But Nyela and Kito have never been close. Nyela is ashamed of her tail and blindly adamant about fitting in with human society. Kito who fully resembles a Sharan just reminds her of everything she doesn't want to be, so largely she ignores his existence.

Oh and Kito is smoke-grey in colouration with dark charcoal grey hair, stripes and tail tuft. As mentioned before his eyes are blue and lips are grey.

I may colour this if I can pluck up the courage to tackle all that fur. More sketches definately to follow on this charrie tho so stay tuned!

Kito is copyrighted to ME. Steal him and your gonads/female organs are on the line!
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