Fallen Souls AP Picture

"((There's nothing wrong with lying , my dear child.)"
[ G E N E R A L ]
Name: Florence -no last name-
Codename: Champ
Code #: D970

[ A P P E A R A N C E ]
Age: 16
Hair color: Grayish brown
Eye color: Orange
Height: 5-3

[ T Y P E ]
Category: Demon
Character class: Scout

[ P O W E R S ]
Power: She uses her claw to scratch people (of which her normal hand transforms into, But mostly counts on her Kitsune to protect her.- Look at the Other section for Link on what a Kitsune is if you are unaware.
Strengths: Smart, sly, devious, and loving to others in her clan
Faults/Weaknesses: Her claw disappears once she's lost energy/ stamina, and she has a tendency to have OCD. (at least it will be clean around her >-<)
[ W E A P O N S ]

Primary weapon: A sword that comes out of her ear....
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