December Birthgems Picture

Because I'm Steven Universe Trash in the most addictive way possible.

I did what I do best and make my own characters to a tv show! I wanted to make a fusion, much like Garnet, but with gems that chose to appear as male, whereas most gems appear as female. Meet Turquoise, Hyacinth, and Tanzanite!

Hyacinth is a small gem, but he's still a fighter. After the war, he stuck around and rose through the ranks of the Ancient Mediterranean, quickly becoming revered as some sort of Demigod Prince through his gem abilities. He does not like to fight as much, rather figure out another way to solve the problem, creatively and diplomatically if necessary. His weapon is a trident that he pulls from his gem on his stomach. He also can create a net of energy to accompany the trident. This was how he managed to go so far in ancient battlegrounds.

Turquoise is a beast of a gem. He was created on Earth as part of the home world experiments, bred to be a weapon. After he was set free, he didn't know what to do other than survive. In Africa, they worshipped his ferocity, and took a liking to his tendency to shapeshift into half-creatures whenever his rage took control. When he holds his hands over the gem on his forehead, his weapons - handheld claw blade weapons - appear, and can attach to the chains he can't seem to get rid of.

Turquoise was a tormented and tempestuous gem, and could never really be controlled. He did, however, seem to snap out of it when life was taken - a failsafe of the home world that was never shut down. He revered the dead with utmost respect. Hyacinth, on a diplomatic mission to Africa, encountered Turquoise and his bestial ways. Turquoise was immediately entranced by Hyacinth, calling him the Sun and fiercely protected him from anyone who approached. Hyacinth, in turn, felt the overwhelming urge to help reform the lost gem experiment and help him grow. The two set off together, growing closer and closer until fusion happened.

The two became Tanzanite and traveled to the North, where he quickly grew to lead the tribes there through his ferocity in battle and knack for diplomacy.

In the present day, Tanzanite has mellowed out. He faked his death, and when he people set his body to float at sea, he uses the boat to set sail across the globe, falling in love with the open ocean. He's settled in Beach City, living in a boat a couple of miles off-shore. But he always shows up if the surf is good. His weapon, though he doesn't like to use it anymore, is a war hammer.

I really wanted to use my birthstones, and it just so happens that December has a few that it goes between, so it fit perfectly. Especially with their colors too. I'm really proud of Turquoise's skin. Much like Jasper's, it has the marking of the turquoise stone all over it, but only on one half of him. Hyacinth and Turquoise have a relationship very much like brains and brawn, and I imagine something like a tamer Ferra/Tor from Mortal Kombat. And, as per usual, I incorporated mythology into it. It implies that, basically, Apollo and Anubis fused to make Thor. I figure if the gems were around for so long, then they must have been mistaken for gods. Tanzanite's old look is very glam Viking, heavily inspired by Wiccan. But that I think is what I love so much about the show's designs, is how GLAM the gems are. Beside his old look is how Tanzanite would look normally. I imagine he and Garnet would be such bros.

So I did it. I made a Gemsona. Oh my I wish it looked more to the quality of some of the other ones I've seen but alas here we are.
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