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The setting of Shadow of a Rainbow and the home of an inter-universal alien race known simply as angels. They are a mutated form of Diminican Demons that were banished too this universe after a great civil war about 100,000 years ago. This universe would later come to be known as Providence.

Providence is a young and malleable universe. Because of this angels can break through to other universes completely without needing someone on the other side to complete a second half of a rift in order to open a full path to that universe. It is also very small. The universe itself is merely twice the size of Earth with a small, sun like plasma reaction at its heart.

Providence has a universe wide atmosphere and this atmosphere traps, circulates and distributes heat making it reasonably warm. Large chunks of land drift slowly and lazily around in this small bubble of air. These land masses have enough gravity to stand and walk on safely but it is still very weak allowing for a lot of launch potentiality. Flight is also very easy in this brightly lit expanse.


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● History
● The Angelic Race


Approximately 100,000 years ago a group of demons felt that their race's treatment of other worlders was vile and unethical. This group started from various individuals that were felt sorry for other worlders and started to help them. And as they did this one learned that feelings of gratitude could be converted into a completely new variant of Reninnar. This new blue crystal which would later be dubbed Sanctius would come to serve as a symbol for a brewing rebellion seeking to change things in Diminica. Later on the sanctius proved to have unusual mutagenic effects on demons in larger quantities. Once these new physical appearances took hold there was little hiding their efforts. But by that time they had amassed an army. They tried to negotiate for change but things when increasingly sour until a war broke out.

Even with their masses though these rebels still didn't have the numbers to hold up. Until some found a way to weaponize the Demon race's knowledge of inter-universal travel and created an unstable rift spell which was applied by infiltrators to the transport portal hub in Diminica Heart (a now destroyed city that was once the demon's capital city. Oh and transport portals are basically shortcut rifts between different parts of the same universe. Its how demons travel across the districts so fast). The spell mixed with the transport hub however created an adverse effect that levelled the whole city, killed many close to the point of detonation and injured many more further away. It also ripped open the portal and linked it too a young and considerably small, previously undocumented and uninhabited universe. When this happened a large chunk of the surrounding area was sucked in and got lodged in between. This tethered it and created the first permanently linked universe to Diminica.

The other rebels were shocked and appalled at the outcome of their weapon. This lead to some giving up the location of their base and they were quickly captured. As punishment they were banished to this tethered universe.

The banished rebels eventually came to call themselves angels after the angels of many other worlder mythologies and religions. They seek to make up for both their past and the damage demons have caused by travelling too other universes so they move between universes to help people and societies at large as well as combating any demon activity they pick up.

However their differing ideals and morals slowly drove them apart until they became differing factions. Different nations often vying for territory.

(WIP: If you have ideas for more factions let me know.)

The Angelic Race

Angels are in many ways very different from demons in their builds and even some of their abilities. Often they have smooth skin (most commonly in human skin tones though much like demons they can have any skin colour) and feathered or insect like wings. They can also often have multiple wings with some having as many as six.

Demons use sanctius both as their currency and to power themselves up. They refer their strength as "Might" and it functions much like demon's "Power" in which the higher the level the greater the capability of their chosen attributes (which are basically identical to those of demons despite having different names).
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