Delphyne Tribal Head Picture

Delphyne was the Mother, or even Queen of dragons in Greek Mythology. She was tasked with protecting the Oracle and in The Cedric Series, she is one of the most challenging enemies the crew has to face. Romasanta (Werewolf), Nyctimus (Werewolf), Cedric (King Incubus), and Angeline (Sorceress) had to ask themselves if they would even live through the battle once they met her at the top of Mt. Parnassus. Excerpt from THE ORACLE, book 3 of The Cedric Series:

“Who are you…” A female voice came from the edge of the temple where they had entered, “…and why have you come to this place?”

The fur on both Nyctimus and Romasanta’s spines stood on-end making the werewolves look like overgrown razorback boars, fangs flashing. No one had heard anyone follow them, let alone seen any signs outside as to where they would have hidden themselves. She was a tall woman wearing a gown made up of loose curtains of white and red silk, draping across her body in large swaths from her shoulder to over her hips and across her thighs before falling to the floor. Her skin was a warm color of clay and bronze, shimmering where the sun hit her bare shoulders. From where they stood, she appeared to be a goddess with the blinding sunlight filtering in behind her like the golden aura of a lost deity. Her eyes cut across them, the color an unforgiving black that hinted it had once been brown or even some other earthy tone long ago. The scowl across her thin lips was powerful enough to make them shift their weight in response. Her head swung back to Romasanta, the first person she had landed her sharp stare upon. He returned the glare to her, unflinching.

The hair on her head stayed its course, looped and braided with ribbons and golden ornaments. At first glance it had appeared to be a spiked crown of gold, red, and black, but as she descended the steps, coming ever closer, the black strands of hair had been skillfully intertwined as part of her grand crown. Gold bands and chains dangling from her ornate hair held pearls in spurts of three at the ends or in the middle sections stretching from one spike to another. The gentle chiming of it with each barefoot-to-marble step added to the uncanny aura waving from her. Instincts were screaming inside all of them; this was the point of no return. She clutched the skirts of silk with angry hands, the muscles tense in her hands and arms, twitching with the tightness in which she held them up and out of the way of each stern movement towards them.

Romasanta rolled his shoulder, rubbing his chest as his nose twitched. “You are Delphyne, the guardian here.”

A smile crept across her lips, slow and bone chilling in nature. “Why yes.”

Angeline shifted, tightening her grip on the bow. A pulse of fear thudded against Cedric’s emotions from their connection and he shrugged it off. He too felt on edge to see Delphyne so amused to hear her own name spoken by strangers. Regardless, everyone was looking to him to keep his focus. He wasn’t their greatest power, but sadly, Romasanta would have to fall back to being the target. Nyctimus and he had worked on a plan seeing the toll of Gaea’s Eye had on the old man. The Jaculus had caused them unwarranted consequences, but what it had revealed was that Delphyne was aware it was Romasanta who travelled to the temple. With two werewolves racing through the forest, the tiny dragon had taken no hesitation in aiming to kill only Romasanta. After the wyverns would no longer give pursuit, they should have seen it as a sign that they were sent to confirm who had arrived. Cedric and Romasanta took in deep breaths in unison, prepping themselves for what would unfold.

“And who are you to call me by my name?” Stopping, she dropped her skirts, her chin raised in pride. “Speak, wolf.”

A grin came across Romasanta’s snout, staring unmoved up at her. “Do I truly need to speak my own name after your children have already informed you of my arrival?”

The intensity between them could stop time itself. “In that case, why have you of all beings come to this place?”

“I wish to speak to the Oracle.”
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